GUNTHER Discusses WWE Morale Backstage Under Triple H's Direction

Paul "Triple H" Levesque has notably been praised for his leadership of WWE Creative ever since he stepped into the role in mid-2022. Appearing on the "Battleground Podcast," Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER shared what the backstage morale has been like since Levesque stepped in. According to GUNTHER, while the morale is good, he's personally never allowed the state of the locker room to affect him.


"I would say morale is very good, but also, I gotta be honest, even before I was never — I don't let anybody else's mood or morale affect myself. I've always been my own person and always have my own goals and motivations." Earlier in the same interview, GUNTHER spoke about WWE's deal with Netflix, and noted how the promotion has always been a trendsetter in terms of distribution. "They [have] always been on the forefront of technology, I would say. The WWE Network, back then, was way ahead of everybody and I think having the Netflix deal now, in sport in general, we're ahead of everybody."

GUNTHER noted that this change is only one of the many changes that the locker room has experienced under Levesque. "I think it's going to be trendsetting, and I think the company since Triple H took over is firing out on all cylinders and I think we're experiencing a boom period that has never been there before."


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