Jeff Jarrett Discusses When He Knew WCW Was 'Dying As A Brand'

WCW's downfall happened in quick time, despite the promotion having some of the biggest names in the pro wrestling industry at the time, one of whom was Jeff Jarrett. During a recent episode of his "My World with Jeff Jarrett" podcast, the veteran recalled the moment he knew WCW was done as a brand.


According to Jarrett, there were many production mistakes, but the ratings were always above the network average, so he doesn't see this as a reason for WCW's downfall, however, he believes it all stands as a lesson. "I think there's a lesson in all this. The ratings are a barometer but not the only one," argued Jarrett. "The live event gates but just the decline in attendance. Merchandise follows and now there's so many other barometers."

He expressed how he never once felt like WCW was dead or that it was dying and suggested that it was down to backstage powers. "No. To this day, I don't think anybody –- and look, Dark Side of the Ring or maybe there'll be an A&E biography one day -– what really went on behind the scenes was the chess match."


Jarrett also expressed his surprise at the low price Jamie Kellner sold the WCW library to WWE for, and described it as "less than Pennies on the Dollar." "I don't think anybody saw that coming. I don't think there was ever an exercise that, 'We're going to get top dollar for this brand.' So up until that decision was made -– my gut tells me it was made after Gainesville."

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