Jeff Jarrett Recalls How An Older Dusty Rhodes Still Excelled During WCW's Dying Days

Many in the industry today consider Dusty Rhodes to have been one of the greatest wrestlers to ever step in the ring, and even during his WCW stint, the veteran still managed to draw crowds. According to Jeff Jarrett, in the latest episode of his "My World with Jeff Jarrett" podcast, Rhodes' ability to connect with the audience is why he was still relevant in 2001.


Jarrett criticized modern wrestlers for missing opportunities to connect with the audience today emotionally. "Not because they're lazy and don't want to do high spots and don't wanna work, I'm talking about, take your relationship with the fans and figure out how to connect!"

The veteran continued, explaining that Rhodes was in a difficult situation in his WCW run and that his connection with the audience secured his position. 

"Now, Dusty had to do that because he had to draw money because if he didn't draw money he wouldn't be booked, period, like so many others. You know, at this stage Dusty is way past [his prime]," said Jarrett.

Jarrett noted how despite still doing the same thing, Rhodes had fans "eating out of the palm of his hand." "Down to, I'm gonna pull my draws down, show my big fat a** and enormous red briefs and I'm gonna entertain them this way. Classic Dusty, classic!"


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