Bobby Roode Credits This WWE Alum For Putting Beer Money Together

As five-time tag team champions, James Storm and Bobby Roode – collectively known as Beer Money – are largely considered to be one of TNA Wrestling's most successful pairings. With their affinity for gold and beer-spitting, Storm and Roode emerged as prominent players in TNA's tag team division between 2008 and 2011, before briefly reuniting in 2016. On a recent episode of "Insight With Chris Van Vliet," Roode looked back on his partnership with Storm, revealing that it was former TNA producer, and former WWE manager, Dutch Mantel who pitched the idea for them to team together.


"Dutch [Mantel] was pretty instrumental in [the formation of Beer Money], and Jeff Jarrett too," Roode said. "If it wasn't for Jeff, I don't think I'd be here doing this still. Jeff gave me the opportunity in TNA when nobody else really would. So I owe a lot to Jeff Jarrett, but it was Dutch that came up with the Beer Money thing at the time. I was doing my singles run and James was doing his singles run and we were kind of floating around, kind of mid-card guys, and they had an idea to put us together in just a throw-away tag team match. Something sparked there, and Dutch saw it. And once you're in Dutch's sights and he likes something he sees, he kinda runs with it and makes it his baby."

Following their short-lived TNA reunion in 2016, Roode inked a contract with WWE, promptly reporting to the "WWE NXT" brand. Meanwhile, Storm returned to singles competition in TNA for several months before linking up with the Death Crew Council alongside Bram and (Eddie) Kingston.


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