Bully Ray Analyzes WWE WrestleMania 40 Options With The Rock, Cody Rhodes

WWE has an embarrassment of riches heading into WrestleMania 40, as four main event stars, Cody Rhodes, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson all have storylines intertwining in the waning days before the big event. On "Busted Open Radio," Bully Ray laid out the current situation, and posited that all four men might be getting involved with each other at WrestleMania.


"I think Night 1 is going to have massive ramifications on Night 2," Bully said, explaining that Rhodes' recent challenge to Rock might lead to a special stipulation, thinking the plan might be for Rhodes to face Rock on Night 1 and then face Reigns on Night 2. However, the WrestleMania commercial, prominently featuring Rollins in the midst of Rock, Reigns, and Rhodes, has Bully thinking WWE could go another direction: a tag match. "Could we be getting Rock and Roman vs. Cody and Seth, Night 1? Sure," Bully continued. "Why would you shoot the commercial for WrestleMania like you did, with all four men converging on each other. It's not like we're getting Rock vs. Seth and Cody vs. Roman in two singles matches ... The underlying tone, message, of that WrestleMania commercial tells me we might be getting a tag match [on] Night 1."


"What if you were to get Cody vs. Rock in Brooklyn [on 'WWE Raw']?" Bully said, noting it would sell lots of tickets. Bully believes that if Rock and Rhodes wrestle on television, the match would take up four segments of television with entrances, roughly an hour of television time. According to the WWE Hall of Famer, there is no situation, WrestleMania or not, where a singles match between Rhodes and Rock is a good idea, due to the substantial amount of time Rock would have to be in the ring. "They're gonna insulate and protect [Rock] with the [tag match]," Bully said, also mentioning that Sting's retirement will be a tag team match for similarly protective reasons. The former TNA World Champion believes a Rhodes vs. Rock match is inevitable, but is something which needs to be built towards, and Bully believes starting with a tag match at WrestleMania is as good of a first domino as any.