Paul Burchill Says He Would Have Loved To Do More With This Gimmick During WWE Run

Paul Burchill was signed to WWE for five years and is most likely remembered the most for his brief stint with his pirate-themed gimmick and the elaborate entrance that came with it. 

During a recent appearance on "The Two Man Power Trip" podcast, Burchill reflected on the gimmick and the hopes he had with it. According to Burchill, WWE was forced to pull the gimmick. 


"I would have loved to have done more, I would have loved to be able to continue it, but I'm not sure that the bigger company than WWE was not too happy about it, so that's where it ended," said Burchill.

Burchill confirmed that it was Disney, especially since "Pirates of the Caribbean" was major at the time, who forced WWE to change plans. He also added that they had far more planned with the gimmick. "Yep, it was Disney, so it wasn't gonna keep going for too long on network TV. It was a shame, but it was fine," said Burchill. "The plan was to evolve it, make it more edgy, but still be a very [childlike] and directed character and just a fun kind of underneath babyface one."

In regards to his entrance where he swung on a rope, Burchill revealed that he only found out about the rope entrance the day of his first entrance, when someone from the locker room complimented him on it before he was told about it. "And I walk out to the ring and there's this seventy-five-foot rope hanging from the ceiling and I'm like, 'Oh, I really do have a rope? Cool!' And then my first time going I realized that you have to wear gloves."


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