AEW Dynamite Results 3/6: Revolution Fallout, Will Ospreay In Action, The Young Bucks Announcement

This is Wrestling INC.'s live coverage of "AEW Dynamite" for March 6, 2024!

The show will be the start of a new season for the show coming off AEW Revolution, with a new set and a new look expected to be presented as the build toward AEW Dynasty commences.


Fresh off his victory last Sunday, Will Ospreay will be competing on "AEW Dynamite" for the first time as an officially contracted AEW star. Despite an injury concern following his match against Konosuke Takeshita the Englishman has been cleared to wrestle and will go one-on-one with his close friend, Kyle Fletcher.

Kris Statlander is also going to be hoping to keep building her momentum after being on the winning team during the AEW Revolution pre-show. She and Willow Nightingale defeated Julia Hart and Skye Blue, and tonight Statlander competes against Riho in singles action.

Fallout from the AEW World Championship triple-threat match is also expected, with Samoa Joe now having Wardlow to deal with after he won the all-star scramble to become the number-one contender.


There will also be a title match taking place tonight as HOOK defends his FTW Championship against former champion Brian Cage after the two men have had runnings as of late. Plus, fans can expect to hear from Darby Allin coming off Sting's retirement match as he looks ahead to life as a singles competitor once again. 

Finally, The Young Bucks are expected to make a huge announcement on the show. With the AEW World Tag Team Championships currently vacant, the EVPs could be providing an update on that, or reflecting on their defeat at AEW Revolution. 

Let's Hear From Swerve Strickland

Tonight's show begins with Tony Schiavone in the ring with Swerve Strickland, who admitted he couldn't get the job done at AEW Revolution. He recalls saying he would be the AEW World Champion when he first signed, but here he is with no gold and maybe that's karma for all the bad things he's done. He questions if he has to just settle for this as the fans chant "You deserve it at him."


He says Sunday felt different, as it felt like fans were rooting for him for the first time, and because of that he won't let them down. Nothing changes from this point on, and Strickland tells Samoa Joe he's coming for him. He doesn't know when or where, but he will defeat him for the title. This prompts Joe to make his way to the ring who says Strickland is making promises he can't keep. 

He's here to give a reality check. Swerve says he's talking a lot to a man he hasn't beaten, and Strickland suggests they compete for the title right now. The Undisputed Kingdom then appears, as Adam Cole says they're the only thing worth talking about after Revolution. Cole claims Joe is World Champion because they let it happen, while he says in six months nobody will give a damn about Strickland, and the only thing he will swerve from is the main event scene. 


Strickland points out how many times Cole failed and still got opportunities. He's taking to Cole in the role as a manager, and he claims he has Britt Baker's second phone number in his pocket if he needs more clients. Cole then suggests Mike Bennett and Matt Taven face Strickland and Joe next week. Strickland wants it tonight, but then Schiavone says he's heard from the back, the match is happening now. 

Samoa Joe & Swerve Strickland vs. Matt Taven & Mike Bennett

Samoa Joe immediately takes the fight to both men, unloading jabs and chops to each of them. Matt Taven catches Joe with a boot, but he then accidentally dropkicks his own partner as Joe then hits a senton on Taven. The ROH World Tag Team Champions then turn things around, using the numbers advantage to isolate Joe as Taven hits a spin kick to take the bigger man down. 


Bennett tags in and begins to focus on the taped leg of Joe, with Taven then tagging back in to unload some chops to the World Champion. That angers Joe who responds with chops of his own, but Bennett takes a cheap shot behind the official's back. Joe manages to plant Taven in the corner, but Strickland then tags himself in. He unloads on Bennett and sends Taven flying as he hits a diving elbow to the back of Bennett. 

Strickland nails a flat liner to Bennett and then a brainbuster as he takes complete control. Taven tries to cut him off on the top turnbuckle but he fights back and then nails a Swerve Stomp on Bennett as Taven eats a House Call. Strickland then plants him down to the mat again and gets the victory for his team as he stares at the champion. 


Winners: Swerve Strickland & Samoa Joe

Post-match, Wardlow makes his way down the ramp. While Wardlow is distracting Strickland, Joe comes from behind and chokes him out, putting Strickland to sleep as he stares down Wardlow.

HOOK is backstage with Renee Paquette, but Chris Jericho interupts him and says he never respected him until he dumped him on his head this past Sunday. He realized maybe HOOK is the real deal, he offers him a fist bump.

HOOK (c) vs. Brian Cage (FTW Championship Match)

The Young Bucks are shown backstage to give two huge announcements, but they will do that live in the ring tonight as they showcase forced smiles.

HOOK immediately tries to take the fight to Brian Cage, but the bigger man drops him with a sharp kick to the face. While Cage misses with a splash in the corner he does end up launching HOOK across the ring with a German suplex. He follows it with another suplex and then heads out of the ring to pull out a chair, but HOOK stops him in his tracks by spraying him with a fire extinguisher. 


HOOK immediately follows it with several shots with a trash can lid only for Cage to launch him into the steel stairs. HOOK then tries to leap off the stairs to attack him, but Cage catches HOOK in mid-air and delivers a power slam. He then charges toward HOOK, but he moves and Cage blasts through the barricade. HOOK delivers several shots to Cage, but he responds by dumping him over the barricade as he follows with a big boot. 

Cage then grabs a metal guard barricade and places it into the ring, but he continues to beat up HOOK around ringside, using a chair to his advantage. However, as he goes for an F5, HOOK reverses it, and DDT's Cage head-first onto a chair. He follows it with a big clothesline and then a t-bone suplex. HOOK then nails Cage with a trash can before suplexing Cage into the guard rail that's propped up in the corner, yet Cage kicks out. 


Cage responds by lifting HOOK up into a neck breaker, and then he hits a powerbomb and the F5 onto the chair, but HOOK kicks out this time. Cage then gets out some thumbtacks, but as he tries to drop HOOK into them he reverses into the Red Rum. Cage charges him into the corner to break it up, but HOOK then unloads on him with a kendo stick and then suplexes Cage into the tacks. 

HOOK locks in Red Rum, but Cage drops him back into the thumbtacks. However, that doesn't break the submission and Cage then taps out. 

Winner (and still FTW Champion): HOOK

Post-match, Gates Of Agony attack HOOK, but Chris Jericho makes the save.

It is then revealed that the AEW World Tag Team Championship will be decided coming up via a tournament.

Killswitch vs. Daddy Magic

Renee Paquette is backstage and asks what's next for Orange Cassidy, he says he will be trying to win more titles. Chuck Taylor says he's not cleared, so Trent and Cassidy should work together and it's confirmed they'll be involved.


As the match begins, Daddy Magic immediately launches himself at Killswitch and begins attacking him in the corner of the ring. He starts hot but then gets dropped with a Chokeslam. He follows up by hitting the Extinction, picking up a quick win.

Winner: Killswitch

Post-match, Daniel Garcia attacks Killswitch and then takes the fight to Nick Wayne as well, but he's ultimately outnumbered. The two men then dominate and leave Garcia lying. As Christian Cage's crew head to the back, Adam Copeland returns. He attacks Killswitch and Wayne and then gives chase to his former friend and partner as they sprint through the fans and to the back. Cage runs to the parking lot, throws someone out of a car, and then drives off with it. Cage then says it has to end where it started, Toronto, in an I Quit match. 


Kyle O'Reilly is then shown backstage with Paquette and he admitted he thought he'd never wrestle again. But to be cleared, feel the love from the fans, and get a second chance, he's grateful. He has nothing but love and respect for the Undisputed Kingdom, but he doesn't know which path to take. Sometimes being with your friends it is the easier path, so now he has a second chance he has to do it on his own. 

The Young Bucks Make A Huge Announcement

Nicholas Jackson kicks Tony Schiavone out of the ring immediately, and he says Sting and Darby Allin cheated by bringing in his old friends and his sons. However, they claim they ended Sting's career forever, and they are also entering the AEW World Tag Team Championship tournament. 


Matthew Jackson then says he has some housekeeping to take care of, and it includes two of their friends. However, they're EVPs and they have to make hard decisions. He reveals that Adam Page crossed the line by putting his hands on two officials at AEW Revolution, so he is suspended from The Elite, without pay. He then says Kenny Omega disappeared off the face of the earth and hasn't made any of his dates without good reason.

Matthew says Omega is fired from The Elite. He's sorry if they had to find that out on live television. He's ready to give out his second item, but Eddie Kingston then makes his way out. He says they might as well fine him now because he's got something to say as he throws money at them. Matthew calms him down and says they can talk about this backstage, but Kingston then begins fighting them. However, the numbers advantage is in favor of The Young Bucks and they are set to take him out with the EVP Trigger, until...


Kazuchika Okada is here! He seems set to help Kingston, but instead, he ends up turning on him and drops Kingston with the Rainmaker. Nicholas then welcomes the newest member of The Elite, Kazuchika Okada.

Riho vs. Kris Statlander

Kris Statlander uses her strength early on to slam Riho to the mat, but the smaller wrestlers responds with a dropkick. She then trips Statlander onto the second rope and looks for a 619, but Statlander avoids it and hits a shoulder tackle. Riho attempts a sunset flip, but Statlander just picks her up and locks in a bear hug before lifting her up to then drop her down with a suplex. 


Riho hits a kick in the corner and then tries to leap from the top turnbuckle, but Statlander catches her and then just throws Riho into the air as she lands hard on the mat. Statlander lifts Riho to connect with a delayed vertical suplex, but Riho manages to kick out. She follows it with several backbreakers. Statlander immediately shuts down any comeback attempt and then delivers a few big chops for added measure. 

Riho attempts to fight back with her own and delivers several forearms, and she then holds onto the ropes when Statlander launches her into the, and as she drops down to try trip Riho, she stomps onto her back. Riho then attacks Statlander in the corner and then nails a Northern Lights suplex which gets a near fall. Statlander responds with several short-arm lariats, but Riho then sends Statlander into the ropes and delivers a 619.


Riho follows with a diving crossbody, but Statlander rolls through only for Riho to reverse again with a dragon suplex. Riho misses with a running knee strike, and that allows Statlnader to hit a powerbomb, yet Riho kicks out. Stokely Hathaway then hands Statlander a chain as he distracts Aubrey Edwards. Statlander gets the chain and is conflicted, but she throws it away. 

Statlander hits several German suplexes, but when she goes for a third one Riho reveres with a roll-up to shock her opponent.

Winner: Riho

Toni Storm is backstage and tells Renee Paquette that it is award season. At "AEW Collision" she will be producing her first ever Toni Award. Then she provides Mariah May with her first ever AEW merchandise.

Backstage Stokely says Statlander is his favorite, but he wishes she'd take help. Next week Willow Nightingale will face Riho, and she says she's feeling pretty good, and she has heye sights set on Julia Hart, and she will become the face of TBS. 

Darby Allin Speaks

Darby Allin makes his way to the ring with one-half of the AEW World Tag Team titles and Sting's old bat. He says five years ago he was homeless in Atlanta, then this past Sunday he headlined AEW Revolution. He said he'd stop at nothing to make sure Sting's career ended with the respect it deserved, he thinks he did that. He's beat up and tired, but next week he faces Jay White, and then he's going to climb Mount Everest. 


Allin says he's talking from the heart, there's no guarantee he's coming back alive from Mt. Everest. He takes the time to thank every fan and AEW for giving him his dream. If next week is his last ever match, he will go out fighting for his life. He says when it comes to the titles, he can't replace Sting as a tag team partner, and he congratulates the next team that wins it as he puts the title down. 

Jay White then makes his way out and says Allin is a weird guy, and he doesn't know if he will get to talk to him face-to-face again. He congratulates Allin on an amazing night at Revolution. He showed the world he'd do anything so Sting could retire as a champion. He says Allin jumping off the ladder was kind of stupid, but luckily Sting prevailed and Allin was there to enjoy that moment. 


However, he admits he doesn't really care, but he does care that Sting is gone and Allin is all alone. He thinks Allin is a lost puppy who can't feed him treats or hold his leash. He says they don't need to have their match next week, but if he does decide to wrestle there's something worse that can happen than a few scratches. He suggests that instead, he can come and hang with the Bang Bang Scissor Gang, as his nickname is Darby Scissor Hands as it looks like he enjoys using them. 

Allin says White won titles around the world and then came here and did what? He doesn't believe the hype, and if he's as good as he thinks he is, next week he will come alone. Allin then whispers something to White and then puts Sting's bat into his throat.

Julia Hart then says it seems like Willow Nightingale has forgotten who she is. On "AEW Rampage" she will offer an open house to remind people who she is. 

House Of Black then cut a vignette on Mark Briscoe, and he repsonds by challenging them to a street fight. He says he will take them on by himself, but Jay Lethal appears and says it's time he man's up and he has his back. He says what better person to have on their side than Jeff Jarrett, he tells Briscoe to trust him.


Will Ospreay vs. Kyle Fletcher

The two men waste no time going back and forth, with Kyle Fletcher dropping Will Ospreay with a shoulder tackle, but he pops up immediately and he takes him down with a head scissors. He nails a chop, but Fletcher then launches him into the turnbuckles to target the injured back of the Englishman. Ospreay gets aggressive with some punches in the corner, but Fletcher then just power-slams him to the mat and begins kicking his back.


Fletcher responds with several right hands of his own before delivering a boot to Ospreay. He then delivers several chops to the ROH star and he then launches himself over the top rope to land on Fletcher to knock him down. Ospreay then takes too long inside the ring, which allows Fletcher to hit a suplex. He follows with a running big booy and then a brainbuster, but Ospreay kicks out.

They deliver chops back and forth, and while Ospreay gives Fletcher a free shot he turns it around with a superkick. Ospreay then tries to fight out of a powerbomb, and while Fletcher attempts to reverse that reversal it is the Englishman who nails a DDT. However, Fletcher anticipates the Hidden Blade and he avoids it and then nails snake eyes. The fight spills to the ring apron, but Ospreay hits a heel kick and then the Oscutter on the apron!


Back inside the ring Ospreay hits a missile dropkick and then a Tiger Driver, but Fletcher just manages to kick out. With both men then on their knees, they deliver forearm strikes, eventually making it to their feet a they continue going back and forth. Both men then look for Tombstone but reverese each other as Ospreay connects with a poisonrana, but as he heads to the top turnbuckle Fletcher cuts him off. 

Both men head to the top and Fletcher tries to launch him down, but Ospreay lands on his feet. He then hits the Liger Bomb, but Fletcher kicks out. Fletcher reverses the Stormbreaker, and he plants Ospreay and this time it is him kicking out. Fletcher then nails another huge powerbomb, but Ospreay kicks out again. Fletcher hits a running kick in the corner, but Ospreay reverses what Fletcher has planned next to hit a Cheeky Nandos. He then plants Fletcher on his head and follows it with a running elbow, but Fletcher kicks out!

The two men trade forearms, but Ospreay nails a back kick, but both men then reverse Liger Bomb attempts until Opreay hits a Spanish Fly. That is followed by the Oscutter, but Fletcher kicks out again. Ospreay sets up the Hidden Blade as Fletcher asks for it, and Ospreay obliges. 


Winner: Will Ospreay

Post-match, Bryan Danielson heads to he ring and he stares down Ospreay to close the show.