Photos: WWE Releases Image Set Of Rhea Ripley 'Like You've Never Seen Her Before'

WWE has posted a new gallery of never-seen-before images featuring WWE Women's World Champion Rhea Ripley on its official website. The promotion shared four of those photos on its X account to promote the release, including a shot of Ripley holding up her title, The Judgment Day member and fellow stablemate Dominik Mysterio rehearsing their entrance, the Australian-born wrestler draped on the barricade ahead of an event, and a snap of Ripley and Mysterio on a bike ride during their recent promotional trip in Australia ahead of Elimination Chamber. WWE captioned the post, "MAMI like you've never seen her before!"


Delving into the gallery shared on WWE's site, there are 87 photos in total, with the opening image featuring a backstage shot of Ripley and WWE CCO Paul "Triple H" Levesque after she captured the "WWE Raw" Women's Championship from Asuka on the second night of WrestleMania 37. The collection continues with a plethora of behind-the-scenes snaps taken from throughout "Mami's" career in WWE, ranging from her early days in the company into her current Women's World Championship run.

Some photos show Ripley preparing to head out for a match or promo, while others were taken during promotional duties. One standout shot features Ripley gazing intensely into a scratched-up mirror. Another memorable picture shows Ripley's Judgment Day ally Damien Priest lifting his leg high into the air and placing it on her shoulder in a martial arts pose. 


The Judgment Day Stands Together

Other pictures from the gallery are less dramatic but equally insightful. That includes shots like the one of Ripley relaxing atop a crowd barrier, or when she was photographed chatting with a member of the production crew outside the ring. Ripley is also someone with many tattoos, some of which can be glimpsed in this shot of her training in the ring or as she shows off her muscles by posing alongside Priest once again.


Some photos from the newly-released gallery highlight the extravagance of WWE's production. That includes shots like Ripley donning a bunny mask for an entrance, posing alongside her Judgment Day teammates Priest and Mysterio on the elegant ramp for WWE WrestleMania 39, or sporting some elaborate eye makeup before heading out to the ring. Another particularly memorable photo features an extreme close-up of Ripley's eyes, highlighting both the makeup and the intensity of the wrestler's glare.

Both Priest and Mysterio can frequently be spotted backstage with Ripley, while the group's veteran performer, Finn Balor, appears in just a few pictures with the rest of the faction. The group is clearly close, though, with one shot even showing Ripley applying makeup to Priest backstage as the two prepare to perform, and plenty of pictures of Ripley and Mysterio together. 


In addition to her stablemates, Ripley can be seen sharing a laugh with producer Michael P.S. Hayes as well as hugging fellow wrestler Liv Morgan in front of the company's massive video screens.

Rhea Ripley Over the Years

Though she's now very well established on the main roster, it wasn't too long ago that Ripley was on "WWE NXT." One photo in the gallery shows Ripley spending time at the WWE Performance Center in conversation with one of the company's coaches. Additionally, another picture shows her time in "NXT U.K," where she can be seen standing alongside WWE CCO Paul "Triple H" Levesque. 


Ripley has sported many haircuts over the last seven years, and a quick glimpse through this album highlights the variation in her presentation. In one picture, Ripley can be seen getting the sides of her undercut trimmed up while other photos highlight the evolution of her look over the years.

While we're used to seeing WWE performers engaged in physical combat or expressing themselves in a promo, it's far more rare to see moments of reflection. In one photo, Ripley sits on a road case, seemingly after a match, looking down at her "WWE SmackDown" Women's Championship belt in apparent awe. Additionally, though she has frequently portrayed a villain, that doesn't mean Ripley can't take a few moments to take a silly selfie with a young fan in the crowd.


Despite her dark persona, Ripley has always had a strong sense of humor onscreen, and that comes across in these pictures. Whether it's backstage during a photo shoot or checking out the empty arena with Mysterio, Ripley can often be seen laughing and having a good time at work. In the gallery's final picture, the WWE star can be seen snuggling up with a puppy standing in the ring.