AEW's Jeff Jarrett Discusses 'Natural Charisma' Of WWE Star CM Punk

CM Punk has been the voice of the voiceless throughout his wrestling career, building a reputation for himself as an excellent talker. Jeff Jarrett pointed out that Punk has always had natural charisma, and that's benefited him when it comes to his work on the microphone.


"Some people have different auras that they give off, some are more cocky or arrogant, or likable, or even standoffish," he said on "My World." "Punk has always been engaging." While Punk has a negative reputation with some, and plenty in the industry have been vocal with their feelings toward him, Jarrett claimed that he has always been good to talk to. The two men got to share a locker room during Punk's controversial AEW run, and he was able to put together some memorable promos during that stint as well, which is down to the fact he's developed the skill throughout his years in the business.

"I saw a promo not too long ago a Ring Of Honor promo he did. The gift of gab, I think the seed is always in somebody, but you've just got to grow it, water it, nurture it, blossom it, and then you've got to get the right opponent and then you've got to do it again, again, and again," Jarrett said. "Nothing replaces reps in this business."


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