CMLL's Stephanie Vaquer Defeats STARDOM's Giulia To Win NJPW STRONG Women's Title

Stephanie Vaquer's rise to prominence in CMLL and Stardom and now the Chilean star has captured gold from one of Stardom's franchise faces.

According to Stardom's Twitter, Vaquer defeated Giulia on Sunday during night two of Stardom's Cinderella Tournament, winning the NJPW STRONG Women's Championship, a title which became a Stardom belt through the company's partnership with New Japan Pro-Wrestling. After the match, Giulia and the new champion had some kind of miscommunication or war of words which led to Vaquer leveling Giulia with the title belt in a defiant showing. The title is Vaquer's first title in the Bushiroad promotions, though she currently holds the CMLL World Women's Champion. She is also the inaugural CMLL World Women's Tag Team Champion, which she and Zeuxis won in September of last year.


Giulia had previously been champion for the past 249 days, the longest reign in the short history of the women's title. The inaugural champion was Willow Nightingale who won the title in May of last year at NJPW Resurgence in Long Beach, CA, after Mercedes Mone suffered an ankle injury during the match to crown the first champion. She then lost the title 45 days later to Giulia. The belt was established in 2023, to strengthen the partnership between Stardom and NJPW, which was created in 2019 when Bushiroad, NJPW's parent company, purchased Stardom. The partnership not only led to the creation of the NJPW STRONG Women's Championship but also the IWGP Women's Championship, which is currently held by Mayu Iwatani.