Mercedes Mone Opens Up About Women's Wrestling Progress, Evolution Of WWE 'Diva' Term

For some fans watching wrestling today, it's hard to picture an industry where men and women weren't treated equally, but that was the way of the world not too long ago. Even for someone like former WWE Superstar Mercedes Mone, who signed with the company in 2012 — four years before the Divas Championship was changed to the Women's Championship — it's been a wild ride to see the women go from being an afterthought to the center of attention. During a recent interview on the "Kick Rock Wrestling Podcast," Mone got emotional talking about how far women's wrestling has come over the past 10 years. 


"It could make me cry," Mone said. "It's so beautiful, and I'm going to put over the women because it's not just the women, it's the men. This is the most pro wrestlers in the history of pro wrestling, and it's the most women have ever been a part of this business. To see how many women are at pro wrestling schools, to see how many women are at different promotions, from independents to STARDOM, to TNA, to AEW, to WWE, it's like...I have no words."

Mone admitted that only eight women were in the developmental system when she joined WWE. That number has grown year after year since then, with Mone crediting her love of Japanese wrestling, which has several entirely female promotions, for helping her realize that women can wrestle as hard as men. Mone also admitted that she doesn't think the word "diva" has the same connotations as it once did, claiming that she couldn't stand watching wrestling with her mother and grandmother out of fear of being teased. However, these days, women still have diva attitudes but show those personalities off in the main event.


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