WWE Star Maxxine Dupri Would Only Consider Doing One Reality TV Show

Whether it's The Miz on "Dancing With The Stars" or Ronda Rousey being part of "Stars On Mars," there have been plenty of wrestlers that have crossed over into the world of reality television. However, Maxxine Dupri has no interest in being involved in reality content, apart from one show – "Total Divas."


"Say less, I'm in. For Total Divas, of course," she told "Lightweights Podcast." "I'm ready to play, let's go."

Dupri admitted she's ready to bring everything to the show if it was to return. The popular series ran from 2013 to 2019 with nine seasons of drama being showcased both in and out of the wrestling ring with the female wrestlers that were featured. It helped to grow the likes of Nikki and Brie Bella, Naomi, and Natalya in terms of star power, as the show was able to cross audiences with non-wrestling fans.

The series had plenty of fallouts and fights featured as well with the drama ramping up, as this was a key part of the series. However, Dupri admitted she doesn't think that's who she is at her core.


"I would do reality TV if it's for WWE otherwise I don't see myself on reality TV just because I am like a very sensitive person and I'm very empathetic," she said. "It would be very hard for me to like start a fight and ruin someone's day and go to sleep that night. I cannot do that, I'd be overthinking for hours. If someone's mean to me, tears are being shed."

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