Marc Mero Comments On Getting WWE's First-Ever Guaranteed Contract In 1996

The wrestling industry has notably undergone many changes over the years, and one of them is guaranteed contracts. Wrestling veteran Marc Mero has recalled being the first star to ever get a guaranteed contract in WWE and has revealed how the locker room reacted to it. 


In a recent interview with "Wrestling Shoot Interviews," Mero said his guaranteed deal upset many backstage.

"It just ruffled a lot of feathers when I came to WWF. Because of the signing bonus, the guaranteed contract, and of course, bringing my wife in too? Raised a lot of eyebrows," he said.

Mero then recalled how the deal came about, and noted that he spoke to Vince McMahon in person about the deal years before it was agreed upon. At the time, McMahon didn't budge on the deal, but three years later, they spoke over the phone and Mero tried to bring in his then-wife, Sable

"Next thing you know, I'm speaking to Vince. He goes, 'I can give you the guaranteed contract and the signing bonus, but why do you want to bring your wife on the road?'"


Mero recalled trying to explain to McMahon that he wanted to bring his wife in due to all the divorces in the industry. While McMahon was hesitant at first, he signed her too upon seeing her, leading to her ultimately becoming Sable. "We walked into his office and he looked at her and he goes, 'I got to put her on TV.' And then her and I came up with the name 'Sable' and the rest is history." 

Mero also confirmed that Brian Pillman was the second person to get a guaranteed contract following his deal.

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