WWE Hall Of Famer Booker T Explains Not Contributing To Buff Bagwell DSOTR Episode

Buff Bagwell infamously competed in only one televised match in WWE, a 2001 episode of "RAW is WAR" with current "WWE NXT" commentator Booker T as his opponent. Despite the bout being in the main event that night, Bagwell got fired, while Booker went on to have a successful career in the promotion.


In a recent episode of his "Hall of Fame" podcast, Booker revealed why he wasn't involved with the recent episode of "Dark Side of the Ring" that centered itself around Bagwell's career.

"Anything that happened between Buff Bagwell and I, anything that I've got to say about Buff Bagwell? It's private," Booker said. "It's something that's internal. It's something that him and I know and I'm not gonna expose it or put it out there or anything like that."

Booker claimed that he doesn't think the world needs to know what happened that night, and that the current story will simply be the official account going forward. He then recalled how his match with Bagwell was the first time former WCW wrestlers main-evented a WWE show, but that something felt off based on what the agents told them before the match.


"They told me to look straight at the camera, to go out and work. Don't shake nobody's hands," he said. "And they told Bagwell the same thing. And that was something that I felt very odd, kinda suspicious. "

Bagwell has notably claimed that he was set up to fail in WWE, and Booker confirmed that this was the case at the time.

"We were put out there to fail," he said. "We were put out there to get our a**** beat. So, that part of Marcus Bagwell's story is 100% true."

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