Nic Nemeth, Formerly Dolph Ziggler In WWE, On What Aggravates Him In Wrestling Today

Dives in professional wrestling matches have become commonplace over the years, with many matches featuring someone taking a leap of faith outside the ring in some capacity. Whether through the ropes or off the top turnbuckle, it happens regularly, and Nic Nemeth has admitted that's one thing that aggravates him in today's climate.


"Everybody dives in a match. But some people are really good at diving, and now the entire crowd is expecting a dive, and if you can do it, you do it and stand out better than everybody else. Or you can do it like [Will] Ospreay and do a triple dive into something, and you make it just part of your repertoire," Nemeth said on "Busted Open Radio."

Nemeth is aware that it's a different product where fans want to see dives all the time, and modern wrestlers are happy to provide that. Of course, hitting big dives always gets a reaction due to the high-risk nature of those moves and how athletic they look. However, Nemeth tries to look at the business from a more psychological standpoint, which makes him question when he should do a dive.


"The psychology in me goes, 'Man, three people dove before me; why would I dive now in this two to three-hour show?' I'm a storytelling guy, and I love the psychology part, but I'm very well aware of all the athleticism that comes into being a 2024 hit prospect, free agent wrestler in the world, so I know that actually matters, and that brings some butts into seats too," he said.

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