Kevin Von Erich Addresses Chris Von Erich's Absense From The Iron Claw

"The Iron Claw" has been hailed by many in the wrestling industry for the portrayal of the Von Erich family despite taking a few creative liberties and having inaccuracies. However, the movie puzzlingly doesn't include the youngest Von Erich brother, Chris, who took his life in 1991. In a recent interview with "The A2theK Wrestling Show," Kevin Von Erich commented on his late brother's exclusion.


According to Von Erich, he understood that the filmmakers had to cram 12 years into two hours, so he gave them some leeway. 

"It turns out my story is pretty sad and it can really bum a lot of people out man, and they're here to be entertained for crying out loud," said Kevin Von Erich. "So, they thought that Chris would have been too much, too many deaths to get into."

When asked about his involvement in the movie, Von Erich noted that he had no part in it, but recalled wanting to talk to the director to ensure that his father was portrayed correctly. "I loved my dad and he was a good man, and I know he was a stern f**k. We all loved him, so much. So, I was just kind of worried my dad would look in a way he didn't deserve."


Von Erich also commented on his portrayal in the movie and praised Zac Efron. "A real professional," he said about the actor. "They do a lot of investigation before they run the part and the guy knew all about me. And the guy that played my brother Dave? What a job he did, he even fooled me a few times, you know?"

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