WWE's The Rock Bluntly Denies Recent Report: 'This Story Is Complete Horse****'

Ever since turning heel, The Rock has adopted a more edgy version of his villainous persona, often candidly swearing in promos while addressing Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins. A recent report alleged there was some pushback from TKO about his language and that talent was similarly upset, but Rock has shot down the report in a public comment on social media: "This story is complete horses***"


The report in question made the claim that the locker room was upset by what they perceived as a double standard for Rock, and that this has been the norm when it came to "The People's Champion." The report also asserted that an unnamed source believes that Rock's position on the board of TKO Group Holdings allows him to do whatever he wants. Additionally, due to having a team of representatives, Rock would not be directly dealing with any of the backlash. Lastly, it even stated that the same source compared Rock's return to the era of Vince McMahon's double standards for big stars. 

Rock notably referenced the recent reports about him in an Instagram post, where he took a far more lighthearted approach to the news. However, he seems to genuinely be upset about this particular report, based on his comment. While there likely isn't cause for legal action, it's still telling that Rock couldn't simply let it slide, but for now a nasty clapback from "The Great One" could just be enough to set the record straight.