Josh Barnett Details Why Johnny TV Is A Surprisingly Good Fit For Bloodsport

Josh Barnett's annual Bloodsport event is returning for WrestleMania weekend on April 4, 2024, with its usual mix of shoot-style wrestling, MMA-inspired presentation, and some of the biggest stars in wrestling performing in an environment people have never seen them in before. Despite not looking like someone who would fit into the Bloodsport criteria, AEW star Johnny TV, better known as John Morrison to WWE fans, will not only be returning to Bloodsport on April 4 but will also be taking on Barnett himself in a first-time-ever match.


During a recent appearance on the "Under The Ring" podcast, Barnett explained why having someone like Johnny TV on the card makes Bloodsport so unique. "You see him announced for the first time for Bloodsport, and [the fans] are like, 'What? ' And when he gets in the ring, it's like, 'This is something I've never seen out of him. I had no idea he was capable of doing this.' That aspect is something that I really look forward to."

The former WWE Intercontinental Champion has competed at the previous two Bloodsport events as Johnny Bloodsport and under his real name of John Hennigan, defeating Simon Gotch in 2022 and Royce Isaacs in 2023, respectively. While he might be best known for his high-flying athleticism in WWE and AEW, Barnett knows he is the real deal in combat sports. "He's got a collegiate wrestling background; he's an insanely incredible athlete; he's 1-0 in boxing, and he's proven himself in Bloodsport in his previous matches. He's got what it takes."


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