Kevin Sullivan Speculates On How Long WCW Would Have Lasted Without New World Order

The Monday Night Wars pushed pro wrestling to heights it had never reached before then, and in WWE's opposition, WCW, the New World Order dominated and for some time was the face of the promotion. Former WCW booker Kevin Sullivan, in a recent episode of "Tuesday with the Taskmaster," said that the success WCW had was due in large part to the faction.


One viewer wrote in to Sullivan and asked him whether WCW would've lasted as long as it did without the nWo but still retaining "WCW Nitro." In response, he revealed that Hulk Hogan was instrumental in the show's existence. 

"The reason why we got Nitro was because of Hogan. I remember when Hogan and Eric [Bischoff] came up to me and said, 'We're gonna run against Vince.'"

Sullivan then humored the question, noting that without "Nitro," WCW was weakened, but Hogan's historical heel turn would've brought in WWE babyfaces. "If Hogan had turned heel it might have sucked down some WWF babyfaces saying, 'Oh, if I can work with Hogan, I can get those big paydays.'" 

Despite this, he still credits WCW's success to the Hall of Fame faction. "Now, could it have lasted as long as it did? No, the nWo was that special lightning bolt that crosses the sky once every generation." The veteran also toyed with the idea of Hogan turning heel by himself without the nWo. "Him turning heel was the biggest turn in the history of the business. Him turning heel not with the nWo would have still been shocking. Now, would it have drawn? Yes. Would he have the props without Nash, and Hall, and Syxx? No."


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