Backstage News On Mike Santana's Next Destination After Leaving AEW

Mike Santana could be headed to TNA following his exit from AEW earlier this month. Formerly one half of Proud N' Powerful alongside Ortiz, Santana was among the first names to be signed to AEW in 2019, and had served prominently alongside Chris Jericho as part of the Inner Circle, but he departed the promotion after his contract expired in a decision he has since confirmed to be a long time coming. Fightful Select has reported that TNA are interested in bringing Santana back into the fold.


Santana and Ortiz reigned multiple times as World Tag Team Champions with TNA prior to their departure in 2019, as part of the Latin American Xchange (LAX) stable. TNA has since re-branded, having gone under the Impact Wrestling name when Santana was last with the company. Should he make his return, he will also be doing so as a singles competitor for the first time after breaking away from Ortiz — who remains with AEW — amidst a falling out between the former close friends. 

Santana wrestled against Ortiz in a street fight on "AEW Rampage" last year, closing the book on their time working together with the former scoring the victory. He recently addressed the issues between them, explaining that they had grown distant on their ambitions in respect to their position. He's continued to be a solo act on the indies as well, specifically for House of Glory, where he reigns as the world champion having just defended the title against Penta El Zero Miedo earlier this month.