Why Paul Heyman's Goal Is To Make Everyone Regret Inducting Him Into WWE Hall Of Fame

Paul Heyman is known as one of the most controversial onscreen characters, managers, and promoters in professional wrestling history, and this year, in ECW's home of Philadelphia, he'll be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. The former "Paul E Dangerously" has been offered the honor multiple times, and has always turned it down. He spoke with WrestleRant ahead of the induction, and said he himself was surprised he accepted it. Heyman said he never wanted to go into the Hall of Fame while he was still active on television.


"Because in my heart, if my perspective is, 'I'm going to accept this lifetime achievement award, and continue on for a little while,' that's not much of a goal for the future," Heyman said. "The goal for the future right now is to make everyone regret asking me to accept this honor this year because the true value of my Hall of Fame career came after 2024. That ... I can after this induction make what happened before this induction pale by comparison."

Heyman said the location of the induction isn't the only factor into why he accepted. He said he did it for his children, who had been "nagging him for years." The third reason, however, Heyman said may be the "most profound." He accepted the induction because the 2024 HOF class is the first to be completely chosen by Paul "Triple H" Levesque, CCO of WWE. Heyman lauded Levesque's accomplishments, and said one of his life's greatest honors has been to witness the work Levesque has done since taking over the company. "To be the first person named to the Hall of Fame by Paul Levesque, to be the first headliner of a class that he has chosen is one of the greatest honors of both my career and my life," Heyman said.