WWE Star CM Punk Recalls Humorous Anecdote About 2011 Royal Rumble

CM Punk's return to WWE is still in a relative stage of newness. means he's likely still catching up with longtime friends and colleagues. Case in point, Punk recently sat down with Randy Orton on "WWE Playback" for a watchalong of their WrestleMania 27 match, and just as it was getting started, went back a bit further to discuss a funny interaction between the two at Royal Rumble earlier that year. In the middle of that card, Punk cost Orton a match for the WWE Championship against The Miz when he emerged from under the ring and hit a GTS. Recalling the lead-up to that moment and the aftermath gave the duo quite the chuckle, all centered around a touch of miscommunication.


"I run in, I hit you with the GTS, and I'm out," Punk remembered. "But being [under the ring for so long], I had to piss so bad and I'm number one in the Rumble [soon after]." Though still very much in need of a bathroom, Punk waited for Orton in the back, thinking he'd caught him flush with the GTS and wanting to check on him. "I'm literally, like, legs crossed in Gorilla," he said. "I was like, 'Did I get you with the GTS?' and you're like, 'No it's good.' They're telling me I'm number one in the Rumble so I gotta go." He then sprinted to the back to take care of business, then back to Gorilla Position to get ready for the Rumble, when he sees Orton talking to producer Arn Anderson.

"I see you," Punk said to Orton. "Your back's to me, and you're talking to Arn, and you're gesticulating and you're pointing to your face," he added, mimicking with his hands what Orton was doing, which he took as describing the GTS gone awry, moments after saying everything was fine. "So I was just like, 'What the f***, man? You said I didn't get it,'" Punk added, laughing. "It just turned into this thing. My music's playing [with the Rumble about to start] and [turning to Orton], I was like, 'F*** you!'"