Paul Heyman Discusses His Various WWE Monikers

WWE Hall of Famer Paul Heyman has gone by many names and titles in his career, from Paul E. Dangerously to manager, promoter, and currently is Roman Reigns' "Wiseman." Heyman recently discussed his numerous monikers on the "WrestleRant" podcast, from how he got the name "Advocate," to "Special Counsel," and even the name which he described as the highest compliment anyone could have paid him. 


He said that he took "Advocate" from his attorney father, who would often be chastised in court, while Reigns gave Heyman his other monikers, including one Heyman holds the dearest out of anything.

"'Special counsel,' Roman Reigns came up with, because I wanted to bestow upon him the name 'The Tribal Chief,'" Heyman explained. "He said The Tribal Chief would have a council and, therefore as the leader of my council, you would be my Special Counsel.' But I never would have called myself the 'Wiseman,' because that name has deep roots in WWE folklore."

Heyman was referring to "Three Wisemen of the East" from WWWF — the trio of Lou Albano, Freddie Blassie, and Ernie Roth. He explained that heel managers had a "monopoly" on the villainous side of things in Vincent J. McMahon's company, and said to call himself "Wiseman" would be "sacrilegious."


"I couldn't give myself that name," he said. "I would be like anointing yourself king or emperor. Someone has to do it for you. One day out of the blue, Roman Reigns just said, 'You are my Wiseman.' It moved me to tears because it's perhaps the greatest honor ever bestowed upon me in or out of this industry, with the exception of my children calling me 'dad.' So I try to live up to that on a daily basis."