Michael Cole Suggests WWE WrestleMania 40 Is The Beginning Of 'The Triple H Era'

While "The American Nightmare" Cody Rhodes has suggested this current time period in WWE history should be recognized as "The Renaissance Era" as he's made his WrestleMania week media rounds, longtime voice of the company Michael Cole has another idea, as he shared with the crowd at "WrestleMania Kickoff" outside of Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia.


"I've had the opportunity to coin a lot of phrases in my career," Cole said, standing alongside Pat McAfee. "And I think this little era that we're about to embark on should be coined 'The Triple H Era.'"

Cole's idea, of course, recognizes the creative turnaround the company has seen under Chief Content Office Paul "Triple H" Levesque, rising to the top of the promotion from a creative control perspective following the departure of former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. Cole's proclamation followed an introductory speech from Levesque, who assured the crowd that WWE is only just getting started.

"The Attitude Era," Levesque explained. "That's what everybody talks about, what a special time that was. We didn't know it, at the time, what was happening, but I can look at right now and I can see exactly what is going on. It is a new time. It is a new era."


Emphasizing "right now" as what he sees as the precipice of this brand new era, Levesque asked the fans in attendance to imagine being able to take a trip back in time to the start of "The Attitude Era."

 "Imagine if you could go back and say, 'I was sitting there on the day that blew up,'" Levesque said. "Well, whatever they're gonna call this time, whatever history is gonna say about it, it all starts right here."