AEW Rampage Results 4/5 - Final Four Elimination Match, Malakai Black Vs. Christopher Daniels

Welcome to Wrestling Inc.'s results for "AEW Rampage" on April 5, 2024, coming to you from the Budweiser Gardens in London, Ontario, Canada!

Daniel Garcia will be colliding with Bryan Keith, Komander, and Action Andretti in a Final Four Elimination Match. All four men have been active across "Rampage" and "AEW Collision" over the past several weeks, competing in various singles, tag team, and trios matches.


Malakai Black last competed on "Rampage" on the March 31, 2023 edition of the show in which he and Brody King came up short against Trent Beretta and Chuck Taylor as the result of a disqualification. Tonight, he will be making his return to the show as he goes head-to-head with Christopher Daniels.

After he prevented "Daddy Magic" Matt Menard from getting a shot at his International Championship on last week's episode of "Rampage" when he defeated him in an Eliminator match, Roderick Strong looks to do the same tonight as he faces London Lighting in another Eliminator match. This will be Lighting's official AEW debut, having previously competed in promotions including Can-AM Wrestling, Greektown Pro Wrestling, and AEW's sister promotion Ring of Honor.


Additionally, Serena Deeb will be making her return to an AEW ring tonight as she squares off with The Infantry's Trish Adora. Deeb's last match in the company came on the February 24 episode of "Collision", in which she emerged victorious over Lady Frost.

We are live! Tony Schiavone, Nigel McGuniess, and Ian Riccaboni greet audiences at home as Malakai Black and Buddy Matthews make their way down to the ring. Christopher Daniels is already waiting inside.

Malakai Black (w/ Buddy Matthews) vs. Christopher Daniels

The bell rings and the two lock up. They take turns locking one another in submission holds before Black delivers a shoulder tackle and follows it up with an arm drag. Daniels delivers one of his own, but Black delivers a kick to him and fires off several left and right hands. He delivers a knee strike to Daniels' head and delivers a kick to his chest that sends him crashing out of the ring.


Black distracts the referee as Matthews sends Daniels crashing into the barricade. He dumps him back in the ring and Black pins him, but Daniels kicks out. Black delivers a knee across Daniels' neck, then follows it up with a back elbow and goes for a pin. Daniels kicks out once more and Black jams his knee into the back of Daniels' neck.

Back from the break, Daniels delivers a German suplex to Black. Black responds with an arm drag, but Daniels delivers a Death Valley Driver. Black delivers a back elbow and a kick to Daniels' head, but Daniels rolls him up. Black kicks out and delivers The End to Daniels.

Winner: Malakai Black

Back from the break, The Undisputed Kingdom makes their way down to the ring. London Lightning follows.


Roderick Strong (w/ The Undisputed Kingdom) vs. London Lightning in an AEW International Championship Eliminator Match

The bell rings and the two lock up. They go back and forth locking one another in submissions before Strong delivers a shoulder tackle. Lightning responds with a jumping knee, but Taven causes a distraction and Strong hits Lightning with an eye rake and follows it up with an Angle Slam. He delivers a chop to Lightning's chest, then follows it up with a knee to his midsection and a backbreaker. He then cinches in a shoulder submission, but Lightning lands a pair of clotheslines and trips Strong. He delivers a suplex to Strong.


Lightning takes down Taven on the outside, but Wardlow appears out of nowhere and runs him over with a clothesline while Bennett captures the referee's attention. Strong then locks in a Texas Cloverleaf for the win.

Winner: Roderick Strong

We then head over to a video from Leyla Hirsch challenging Julia Hart to an Open House match for the TBS Championship next Friday.

Back at ringside, Serena Deeb makes her way down to the ring. Trish Adora is already waiting inside.

Serena Deeb vs. Trish Adora

The bell rings and the two lock up. Deeb delivers a pair of Dragon Screws before Adora delivers a backbreaker and follows it up with a chop in the corner.

Back from the break, Deeb delivers a Dragon Screw to Adora and follows it up with a knee to her head. She then delivers a jawbreaker to Adora before she lands a swinging neckbreaker. Adora connects with a boot on Deeb, but Deeb delivers another Dragon Screw and looks to hit a second one. Adora blocks it and pins Deeb, but Deeb reverses the fall. Adora kicks out and lands a pair of right hands on Deeb's spine, but Deeb responds with a pair of uppercuts. Adora delivers a back elbow, but Deeb delivers a German suplex and locks in a Half Boston Crab. Adora taps out.


Winner: Serena Deeb

We then head over to a video from Julia Hart, who accepts Leyla Hirsch's challenge to a TBS Championship Open House match.

Back from the break, Daniel Garcia makes his way down to the ring. Bryan Keith, Komander, and Action Andretti follow as "Daddy Magic" Matt Menard joins the commentary desk.

Daniel Garcia vs. Bryan Keith vs. Komander vs. Action Andretti in a Final Four Elimination Match

The bell rings and Garcia begins brawling with Keith. He dumps him out of the ring and delivers a chop to him on the outside as Komander delivers an arm drag to Andretti in the ring. Komander and Andretti then level one another with dropkicks, but immediately kip up. Komander offers his hand to Andretti, but Keith clocks him before he can shake it. Keith and Komander then shake hands and deliver a double gutbuster to Andretti. Keith gets Andretti up on his shoulders as Komander ascends to the top, but Garcia provides Andretti with a hand. He rains down right hands on Keith in the corner, then levels both him and Komander. Garcia delivers a couple of chops to Keith before he looks to plant Komander. Komander counters into a hurricanrana and pins Keith to eliminate him.


Eliminated: Bryan Keith

Back from the break, Andretti delivers a Death Valley Driver to Garcia on the apron and follows it up with a springboard moonsault of his own. Komander then levels Garcia and Andretti with a springboard moonsault of his own, but Andretti gets him back in the ring and delivers Lights, Camera, Action to eliminate him.

Eliminated: Komander

looks to fly to take down Garcia. He tweaks his knee on the way down and connects with a superkick on Garcia. Garcia continues wearing down Andretti's knee and sends it bouncing off the apron multiple times, but Andretti connects with a neckbreaker and a running Shooting Star Press.

Garcia quickly transitions into an Ankle Lock, but Andretti escapes and sends Garcia crashing to the outside. He then goes flying over the top rope with a crossbody to level Garcia before he gets him back in the ring. Garcia and Andretti exchange strikes before Andretti connects with a Falcon Arrow. Andretti gets Garcia up on his shoulders, but his knee gives out. Garcia takes advantage and escapes, then locks in a knee bar. Andretti taps out.


Eliminated: Action Andretti

Winner: Daniel Garcia

After the match, Daddy Magic gets in the ring to celebrate Garcia's win with him. He holds his hand up as the show goes off the air.