The Rock Details His Training Process For WWE WrestleMania 40 Main Event

The Rock is set to enter the ring during WWE WrestleMania Saturday for the first time in over a decade — except a six-second squashing of Erick Rowan in 2016 — as he teams with Roman Reigns against Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins. His last full-on wrestling match came at WrestleMania 29 in 2013, losing the WWE Championship to John Cena and simultaneously tearing the abdominal and adductor tendons from his pelvis, so it's understandable that the 51-year-old might have some reservations heading into his marquee match. 


"The training has kicked my a** for weeks now," said The Rock, addressing that thought process during "The Will Cain Show." "I went into a full training camp for about six [weeks], this is my final week. Obviously, we have WrestleMania in a day or two and the training camp has been tough, there is nothing that you can do to prepare your body to be suplexed and slammed and thrown around in that ring, nothing. You know I'm no spring chicken; I'm a summer rooster, I'm no spring chicken, so I've had some great guys who have been helping me throughout my training camp. So it's a combination of will, of training hard, getting my cardio right, getting my oxygen right, I have to control my breathing in this match. We could go — without giving too much away — we could go an hour."


The Rock was eager to point out he wasn't promising a 60-minute-plus match, but that was what he felt he needed to prepare for. His last three singles matches for the WWE Championship all clocked in between 20 and 25 minutes, while Roman Reigns' last tag team match clocked in at 32 minutes.