Jey Uso Defeats Twin Brother Jimmy With Lil Wayne By His Side At WWE WrestleMania 40

There isn't much more polarizing than two twin brothers finally squaring off against each other for the first time in their careers. Add that scenario to a WrestleMania card and things get dialed up beyond 100. Ultimately, the fact that "Main Event" Jey Uso was walked to the ring by Lil' Wayne, who briefly spat bars from "A Milli" before doing his best P. Diddy impression, uttering guttural noises through Jey's standard entrance music, should have been a tell. After all, when one twin heads to the ring with a multi-platinum, award-winning recording artist and the other can do more than don an ula fala as he makes his way toward the squared circle, you might be able to make an educated guess.


Jey Uso wasted no time going on the offensive, hitting a Suicide Dive before the match even started. With his brother still outside the ring, he hit a superkick and a top rope crossbody to maintain control. Eventually, Jimmy gained the advantage, channeling his dad Rikishi while hitting a series of what one might only be able to describe as butt smashes. Before too long, Jey and Jimmy decided to take things back to a simpler time, simply throwing hands while Pat McAfee asked, "Who's tougher than [whom?]"

From there, the twins traded a series of the same moves before Jimmy went full heel, begging for forgiveness, and Jey bought right in, opening up an opportunity for Jimmy to blast him with a Superkick, and follow up with a Splash from the top rope, only to have Jey kick out. In a match in which most likely expected interference of some sort, Jey then hit a Spear and an Uso Splash to score the clean win.