Triple H Assesses WWE Raw's Paradigm Shifting 2025 Move To Netflix

WWE is about to enter uncharted territory as "Raw" will move to Netflix in 2025 as part of a $5 billion deal over 10 years. The long-running show has been exclusive to television until now, but Paul "Triple H" Levesque believes that times are changing and the promotion needs to adapt to the current climate. During an interview with "Impaulsive," he explained why the move is complex and exciting.


"It's an interesting thing, it's an interesting play. How it's going to work; we're figuring all that out. We're crossing the t's and dotting the i's now and trying to figure out exactly how this works. How does it all work on a streaming service? How do commercials factor in? What is all of it? We have until January to figure out. It's exciting, and it's going to be monumental. That, to me, was the deal of all deals."

It's been speculated that "Raw" is moving to Netflix because WWE wants to target a younger demographic. While Levesque didn't comment on this specifically, he told "Impaulsive" that his children rarely watch television these days as they prioritize streaming services, which reflects viewing habits in many househols.


Furthermore, while the current deal only includes "Raw," Levesque believes that Netflix might be interested in adding more WWE shows and premium live events to its library down the line. " It makes for interesting times and a really promising future," he added.

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