The Pride Pick Up WWE WrestleMania 40 Win Alongside Bubba Ray Dudley, Snoop Dogg

With a pair of WWE Hall-of-Famers in the mix, Bobby Lashley and The Street Profits were able to put away The Final Testament in a Philadelphia Street Fight at WrestleMania 40. Snoop Dogg, lugging along the WWE golden title belt, served as special guest commentator while Bubba Ray Dudley surprised the Philly crowd in an unexpected role as guest referee.


Scarlett, for The Final Testament, and B-Fab, for The Pride, did their best to steal the show, both distracting the primary combatants and then sending each other through a table, sending the ECW-nostalgic crowd into a frenzy. Montez Ford sent The Authors of Pain reeling with a suicide dive over the LED ringpost and into the barricade outside the ring while Lashley earned his stripes taking a kendo stick beatdown from Karrion Kross and others.

It was only a matter of time, really, before Dudley got himself involved, taking exception to Kross' objections about his officiating, pulling out his old school tape-laden eyeglasses, and eventually taking part in a "Wassssssupppppp" headbutt before standing by in approval of a Ford frog splash on Kross through a table in the middle of the ring to earn the pinfall. Following the decision, Dudley stood arm-in-arm with Snoop, Ford, Lashley, B-Fab, and Angelo Dawkins to recognize the win for The Pride.