Triple H Compares WWE's Current Era To Vaunted '90s Attitude Era

Paul "Triple H" Levesque thinks WWE is currently in a transitional period, not willing to use labels on this precious time in WWE's history.

"I think it'll organically find its way to whatever people want to call it," Levesque explained on "The Pat McAfee Show." The WWE Chief Content Officer doesn't think the era has a name yet, and fans will naturally gravitate to a name as the era ends, such as was the case with the Attitude Era. "We didn't call it the 'Attitude Era' while we were in it, that kinda came later."


Levesque believes that WWE isn't in the middle of a new era, but instead on the precipice. He feels that whatever era the company is currently in will take further shape over the next couple of years. The executive also believes the company is in a different place than it was during the famous Attitude Era.

"In a lot of ways we were fighting for our lives back then," Levesque remembered. "There was a company out there that had more money, that was doing big things, that was kicking out ass in a way and we wouldn't let them." 

Levesque reminisced on times when WWE and WCW would run in the same city, often with WCW in the bigger United Center, as opposed to WWE in the smaller Rosemont Horizon (now known as the Allstate Arena). WCW stars wouldn't show up, while WWE was one big united front in the locker room, often doing a much better show.


"We were building up against something," Levesque explained. "Now we're up against ourselves." 

The WWE Chief Content Officer believes WWE's main competition is the various other eras of the company's history.