Former WWE Star Kelly Kelly Explains How ECW Stint Helped Her Develop 'Thick Skin'

Former WWE star Kelly Kelly was one of the biggest names on the Women's roster during the "Divas Era," and is a former WWE Divas Champion. Kelly recently sat down for an interview on "Insight with Chris Van Vliet" where she looked back at her stint with ECW and her early days in the industry.


"They hired a lot of women, and a lot of women couldn't take it," Kelly said, noting how difficult it was for female talent to stand out. "You have to have thick skin, you have to, it was a male-dominated business at the time. And you just had to learn to have thick skin, whatever, don't let things get to you." The former extremist also noted that as high-tension as the backstage atmosphere was, the atmosphere in the arena was ruthless.

"Oh my God, the names I got called in the Philly Arena? I feel like I probably went to the back and cried a few times," Kelly recalled. "They are hardcore!" She then explained that she ultimately pushed through and tried to prove herself. 

"I took Mike Knox's move onto a chair, and now at my age, I look back? There's no way," Kelly exclaimed. The little fish in a big pond said she was given advice by the late wrestler Andrew "Test" Martin. "When I first got in and we started dating, he really protected me. And I think that first year if I wouldn't have him protecting me? He was a godsend... He really was my protector."


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