WWE's John Cena Discusses His Naked Oscars Moment And How Seriously He Takes Himself

John Cena made an appearance on "The Pat McAfee Show" less than 24 hours after WrestleMania 40, where he discussed his now famous naked Oscars moment, as well as how seriously he takes himself in the various roles and opportunities he's been given. McAfee suggested that Cena doesn't get enough credit for being able to truly be himself in the public eye, to which the 16-time World Champion explained how his goal has never been to appear perfect.


"I do take it seriously but I take "IT" seriously. Not me looking cool, because if you try to look cool all the time you're just chasing a perfect view of yourself that doesn't exist," Cena explained. "Man, I know I got a bald spot on the back of my head, I flossed it last night at WrestleMania. Me, you and like 7 out of 10 dudes have them. So I don't care, I'm not perfect, that's not me." 

Cena declared that his intention is never to make every situation the absolute best, but rather focus on making every situation the best it can possibly be. He went on to describe how this related to brainstorming his naked Oscars appearance. "Instead of trying to craft every situation to how can I look the strongest or the best, I look at every situation of how can we make this the best situation. When we go over the Oscar bit and they're like, "ah do you want to wear spanks, or spandex or a speedo?" No, make me as naked as possible so Disney says it's too naked." Cena made one extra appearance the same day on the "WWE Raw" after WrestleMania, where he helped new "Raw" Tag-team Champions, R-Truth and The Miz emerge victorious over The Judgment Day.