Why Shawn Michaels Says WWE Hall Of Famer Kurt Angle Doesn't Get Enough Credit

Ahead of "WWE NXT" Stand and Deliver, Shawn Michaels sat down with Carmelo Hayes, Trick Williams and Roxanne Perez on WWE's YouTube channel to re-watch some of his biggest WrestleMania matches with Kurt Angle, Diesel, and John Cena. While watching his instant classic with Angle at WrestleMania 21, Michaels explained to Hayes how the Olympic Gold Medalist is under appreciated, and deserves more recognition when it comes to his attention to detail. 


"Probably a guy that doesn't get as much credit as he should for attention to detail ... he looks like a scary son of a gun when he wants to go," Michaels said. "That's where I guess I always say with you guys, you got to go out there and not be afraid to just don't have any inhibitions inside you, just go out there trying to make each other's stuff look the best." 

Michaels also described how he felt an immense amount of pressure going into his match with Angle at Wrestlemania, explaining how good the combination looked on paper going into the show. "I will say that this was one that I felt a bunch of pressure in, you know what I mean? First time, Kurt and I, WrestleMania. This one on paper, this has got to be fantastic. Believe it or not, both he and I felt the pressure of that, and you know you always want to deliver on the hype." Michaels also watched his Wrestlemania 23 classic against Cena with Williams, preparing him for his match against Hayes at Stand and Deliver, in which Williams came out victorious