AEW's Adam Copeland Invokes Bret Hart In Addressing CM Punk's Comments

On a recent interview conducted with "MMA Hour" days before WrestleMania 40, WWE star CM Punk caused quite a stir by openly criticizing his former employer, AEW. On a recent episode of  "This is VANCOLOUR" with Mo Amir for CHEK Media, AEW star Adam Copeland was asked if he watched the Punk interview. 


"I didn't, no. I just saw clips; I got better things to do," Copeland said with a laugh. The WWE Hall of Famer spoke about being influenced by fellow Canadian and wrestling legend Bret Hart when it comes to locker room etiquette in a cutthroat environment. 

"I never subscribed to that. I always subscribed to the Bret Hart school of 'no, you can help, and you can help young people, and you can try and be a positive, and show that you don't got to be a d***.'" Copeland said. "What I will say from the small clips that kind of just in scrolling you see, I realized that our locker room needed a good message."

Copeland also said there wasn't any culture shock adapting to AEW, when he made the jump in October of last year from WWE.


"It's pro wrestling. One[WWE]- may be more corporate in terms of shareholders and different levels to have to answer to. What I love about AEW is if I have an idea I sit down with Tony [Khan] and we go: will this work? That's really fun, to be much more involved in the creative process, that's really fun." 

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit "This is VANCOLOUR" with a H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.