Why Rob Van Dam Would Have Hated Logan Paul's Presence If He Was Still In WWE

Logan Paul has always been a divisive figure, especially in his days when he was strictly a YouTuber. Unfortunately for the WWE star, many are still not wholly accepting of him despite how far he's gone to prove himself. According to Rob Van Dam in a recent episode of his "1 Of A Kind" podcast, he would have had an issue with Paul in the locker room. Though Van Dam takes no issue with Paul's athletic ability, which has been praised by many wresters.


"He definitely is not only very athletic but also, he's got the balls to pull off some of these moves that are higher risk and in front of a lot of people; you know, you can get nervous about f**king up about some of these amazing dives and s**t," Van Dam explained.

Van Dam put himself in the WWE locker room's shoes and claimed that he would not have been happy with how Paul gets a lot of exposure outside of WWE and high-profile TV segments. 

"Anyone that was getting TV time that I wasn't or getting more money than I was or whatever – ah, it just all seemed unfair," Van Dam said. He then suggested that speaking to higher-ups – or "politicking" – is something wrestlers could do to make sure they get featured more, should they share Van Dam's issues with Paul's prominence.


"But it is the kind of business where if you really feel like that," Van Dam continued, "you can say something about that and you might get somewhere." 

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