WWE Star Grayson Waller Explains Why He Hates When The Media Disrespects Wrestlers

Aside from promos, WWE Superstars are also tasked with speaking in interviews, usually in an effort to promote the company's upcoming events. Unfortunately, not all interviews are a pleasant experience for the WWE talents, as some hosts arrive underprepared or, in other cases, intentionally mock the professional wrestling business. On a recent episode of "Going Ringside," "WWE SmackDown" Tag Team Champion Grayson Waller opened up about his frustration with these types of dialogues.


"I enjoy doing media with someone whose put any ounce of effort into the interview we're doing," Waller said. "You've obviously done some research. You know some names, you know some stuff about me. This is a great conversation. But when you go on some of these shows and they don't know who you are and they've just got some questions, their producer wrote up. When that turns to disrespect, I have no shame going back at them and letting them know that we don't take that anymore. The jokes about wrestling, the jokes about wrestlers, they're from the past. We're real athletes. Ask anyone who's tried to step into the ring, especially athletes from other sports, we're the real thing."

Like Waller mentioned, his tolerance for disrespect is significantly low. As such, Waller is not afraid to stand up against it, especially when it is related to his in-ring craft. Ahead of WWE's 2024 Elimination Chamber event, this notion came to the forefront as Waller threatened to deliver a legitimate punch to the "Sunshine" morning show's floor manager after he taunted Waller with a shadow-boxing motion.


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