WWE Broadcaster Corey Graves Discusses Transition To SmackDown

On "The Gunz Show", Corey Graves made an appearance to talk about WrestleMania 40 weekend, as well as his experience becoming the lead commentator on "WWE SmackDown" alongside Wade Barrett. Graves is thankful that WWE had faith in him to step into the "play by play" role, and really feels he's able to express his knowledge of wrestling better now that he's no longer a color commentator.


"I appreciate the trust being put in me to steer the ship now, to be the lead and this is where I kind of really get to flex my wrestling nerd brain a little bit ... its just nice to have something new to sink my teeth into. Sitting in the color chair is a blast, but trying to steer the ship and avoid the iceberg for a two-hour show ... its a pretty daunting task." Graves also admitted that even though he's still new to being a lead commentator, being able to learn sitting beside some of the best in the business has helped him immensely.

"I have very little experience at it, but I guess I absorbed quite a bit via osmosis sitting next to Michael Cole for all those years ... and not only from Cole, but all my different partners, I've always learned from each of them in my own sort of way." Graves says he's still learning about the role, but is determined and confident that he'll get to where he wants to be eventually. "It may take a little while because I'm still figuring it out, and I'm more worried about making sure I don't trip over my own tongue when there's a sponsor read happening that somebody paid a lot of money for, that's priority one right now, but I'm sure I'll get there." 


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