WWE SmackDown Results (4/19) Women's Title, LA Vs. AJ, Tag Title Contender Match, More

It's Friday, you know what that means. Wait, wrong company. Anyway, Friday is here and that means another edition of "WWE SmackDown." WWE is in the PPG Paints Arena in Pittsburgh, PA tonight, and there is plenty of action on deck.


There will likely be answers after last week's shocking debut of former IWGP Tag Team Champion Tama Tonga, who helped Solo Sikoa forcibly expel Jimmy Uso from The Bloodline. Tama said the assault was at the order of "The Tribal Chief" Roman Reigns and WWE promises another chapter in that twisting, turning saga.

Also, AJ Styles will face LA Knight in a WrestleMania rematch, this time with a shot at Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Cody Rhodes on the line. Another Number One Contender's Match will take place, as The Street Profits, The New Catch Republic, Legado Del Fantasma's Berto and Angel, and The Authors of Pain will tangle to determine who will get the next shot at WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions Grayson Waller and Austin Theory.


WWE Women's Champion Bayley will be in action, defending her title against former Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion Naomi. The match will be Naomi's first title challenge since returning to the company at the Royal Rumble in January.

"WWE SmackDown" is set to air at 8 pm ET on Fox.

Number One Contender Match

The show kicks off in the lobby of the arena, fans are rowdy. Bayley enters the arena with her title. Naomi enters the arena with a rolling suitcase and a loud outfit. Inside the arena, fans are pumped up. LA Knight makes his entrance.


Undisputed WWE Championship Number One Contender Match: LA Knight vs. AJ Styles

They stare each other down to start. They lock up. Knight gets Styles into the corner. They are separated and AJ gets in a cheap shot. Styles locks in a headlock but Knight finds his way out. Knight goes back and forth against the ropes and dodges a dropkick. Knight drops Styles and tosses him out of the ring. Knight bounces Styles's head off the announce desk repeatedly. Styles is down, Knight plays to the crowd. Knight gets Styles back in the ring and Styles comes back with a gunshot. Knight counters and dumps Styles back to ringside. Knight hits a vicious sliding knee out of the ring as we head to commercial.

Back from commercial and Knight is throwing fists at Styles. Styles ducks a lariat and both men take each other out with a dual crossbody. Both men struggle to their feet. They trade blows, staggering each other back and forth. Knight gets momentum and Styles halts it with a throat thrust. Styles unloads a flurry of offense but Knight comes back and pummels him in the corner. Knight hits a huge running knee in the corner. Knight gets Styles on the top rope. Knight gets knocked off but leaps back to the top rope and hits a Superplex for a nearfall.


Styles counters a suplex. Styles hits a Moonsault DDT for a nearfall. A number of counters and Styles rolls up Knight for a nearfall. Styles hits a Pele Kick. Styles hits a forearm. Knight ducks a Phenomenal Forearm and hits a Powerslam. Knight hits a standing elbow drop. Knight signals for Blunt Force Trauma but Styles retreats to the apron. Styles snaps Knight on the top rope. He hits another forearm. Styles hits a Phenomenal Forearm for the pinfall.


After the match, a video recaps the debut of Tama Tonga from last week. In the parking lot, Solo Sikoa arrives in an SUV. Paul Heyman greets him and compliments his suit. Solo introduces Heyman to Tama Tonga, who hugs Solo without breaking his glare at Heyman. Solo asks if Kevin Owens is in attendance. He repeats himself. Heyman tells him he's in the locker room. Heyman leads Solo and Tama into the arena.

New Tag Titles Introduced

The Pittsburgh Steelers are shown in the front row. Nick Aldis is introduced. Aldis introduces Paul "Triple H" Levesque, who makes an entrance. Levesque puts over the success of WrestleMania 40 and welcomes Pittsburgh to "WWE SmackDown." Levesque says both Aldis and Raw's Adam Pearce are doing great jobs at being General Managers. Levesque tells Aldis to bring out the SmackDown Tag Team Champions, Austin Theory and Grayson Waller.


Theory and Waller enter. They flaunt their current title belts. Waller says that Monday saw the second-place tag champions got new titles and now it's A-Town Down Under's turn. Theory says that Triple H would have to be a magician to make them look better than they already do. Triple H says they will now be known as the WWE Tag Team Champions and reveals title belts that are heavily reminiscent of the old WWF World Tag Team Championships. Waller and Theory don't shake Triple H's hand and Aldis admonishes them. He then says the Fatal-Four-Way Match contender match is starting now. Street Profits' music hits.

Tag Team Title Contender Four Way

Backstage, Naomi says she is not letting friendship get in the way making the most of her chance to win the WWE Women's Championship. She says she will walk into the WWE Draft as champion. Theory and Waller are on commentary for the four-way match.


WWE Tag Team Championship Number One Contender Fatal-Four-Way Match: Legado Del Fantasma vs. The Street Profits vs. Authors of Pain vs. New Catch Republic

Tyler Bate starts out with Montez Ford. They tangle, with Bate out wrestling Ford. Bate gets a series of nearfalls and both men attempt dropkicks. They circle each other. Berto punches out Bate, tagging himself in. Angel tags in. Berto takes Ford out of the ring, where Angel helps Berto with a huge double team for a nearfall. Authors Of Pain storm the ring and clear it of the competition. They stand tall as we head to commercial.

Back from commercial and Rezar is dominating Montez Ford, stretching him with a Canadian Backbreaker. Ford escapes and tags Pete Dunne. Dunne and Bate double team Rezar to keep him at bay. Berto and Angel come in to no avail, as both men are stomped and suplexed into oblivion. Rezar is rocked with stereo punches. Rezar is too big for an Airplane Spin. Street Profts and New Catch help Rezar onto Bate's shoulders, leading to a brief Airplane Spin but LDF break it up.


On the top rope, Street Profits fight New Catch Republic. Berto blind tags in. Authors of Pain powerbomb Street Profits. LDF throw Tyler Bate onto the group. Doomsday Device Powerbomb/Dropkick gets a nearfall. Everyone is down.

New Catch lock LDF in dual Ankle Locks. Berto fights out, sending Dunne into Bate and Angel. Everyone is down as we head to commercial.

Back from commercial and one of the Authors of Pain powerbomb Angelo Dawkins out of his boots. He gets a nearfall. It's Rezar. Ok, Rezar pummels Dawkins. Akam tags in. Akam and Rezar go for stereo powerbomb but New Catch counter. A wild brawl erupts. It culminates in Berto dropping Angelo Dawkins with a springboard enzuigiri for a nearfall. Dawkins hits a Pounce on Berto. Dawkins tags in. Doomsday Blockbuster from Ford and Dawkins. Ford covers. Dunne breaks up the pin. 

Dunne and Dawkins trade blows. Dunne snaps Dawkins's fingers. Ford takes out Dunne. Bate tags in. Bate Hurricanranas Berto to the outside. New Catch hit Stereo Goldent Triangle Moonsaults, while Montez Ford also leaps, onto everyone at ringside. Back in the ring, Berto counters Tyler Driver '97. Berto hits a lariat. Angel tags in. Double team on Bate. Berto wipes out Dunne at ringside. Angel hits an Asai Moonsault and covers but Dawkins hits a Frog Splash to break up the pin. Ford and Dawkins hit Revelation on Bate for the pinfall.



Backstage, Bayley says that she appreciates her title more now that Rhea has vacated her title. Bayley notes that she is the only women's champion in WWE. She says that she will remain WWE Women's Champion heading into the WWE Draft.

Elsewhere backstage, Paul Heyman apologizes that he can't find Kevin Owens. Solo silently walks to the Gorilla Position. Heyman begs him to stop making decisions that are not his to make. Solo asks Heyman if he's done. Solo's music plays and Solo makes his way to the ring.

Solo Sikoa Addresses The WWE Universe

Heyman introduces Sikoa in his usual manner. Heyman is stunned by "We Want Roman!" chants from the Pittsburgh crowd. Heyman tries to assure the crowd that Reigns is not in attendance but Sikoa grabs the microphone before he can. 


Sikoa tries to speak but the crowd keeps booing him. He shouts he had to lose a brother in order to find a new one. He calls Tama Tonga "My MFT." Kevin Owens comes out, covered in blood, Tama Tonga stalking behind him. Referees separate Tama from the injured Owens. Tama silently goes to the ring as Owens struggles to stand. Tama raises one finger, acknowledging his tribal chief. Solo raises his finger, acknowledging his tribal chief. Heyman raises a finger, but Kevin Owens recovers and attacks Tama. Solo quickly overtakes Owens and sends him into the steel steps. Owens gets in the ring, where he and Tama brawl. Solo strikes with a Samoan Spike. Tama mounts Owens and pummels him with punches. Tama fights off agents, security, and referees. They are finally separated but Tama grabs a chair. Nick Aldis stops Tama. Solo calmly takes the chair from Tama and tosses it from the ring. Tama and Solo retreat up the entrance ramp to "You Suck!" chants from the crowd.


Back from commercial, Nick Aldis takes Paul Heyman to the parking lot where two cars have been wrecked by Tama Tonga and Kevin Owens. Aldis tells Heyman to get The Bloodline in order by the WWE Draft or else there will be consequences.

Escobar vs. Carlito

Carlito vs. Santos Escobar

Wild brawl between the two men to start. Carlito spikes Santos with a spinebuster for a nearfall. Carlito maintains dominance. Escobar tries to fight back and eats a big dropkick. Escobar hits a baseball slide. Carlito hits a plancha to the outside. We head to commercial.


Back from commercial and Carlito is keeping pace, crushing Santos. Carlito climbs to the top rope. Zelina Vega and Elektra Lopez brawl at ringside. Escobar takes advantage with a sneaky low blow. Escobar throws Carlito into the ringpost. Escobar hits a Samoan Driver for the pinfall.

WINNER: Santos Escobar

In the luxury box, Damage CTRL gives their thoughts on the main event but are interrupted by Jade Cargill, who also takes a seat in a luxury box.

Main Event

A video from London, England plays, showing Cody Rhodes reacts to his WWE Backlash: France challenger. He says AJ Styles rarely misses, but neither does Cody. A contract signing is announced for next week.


WWE Women's Championship Match: Bayley (c) vs. Naomi

The two women trade holds and rollups to start. The game of one-upmanship ends in both women hitting a crossbody. Both women are down. Naomi hits a sneaky Rear View for a nearfall. We head to commercial.

Back from commercial and Naomi is firmly in control. Naomi drivers her into the turnbuckle. Naomi climbs to the top rope and hits a Flying Crossbody fro a nearfall. Bayley fights back and climbs the top rope. Bayley goes for an elbow drop but Naomi gets the knees up. Naomi hits a springboard X-Factor for a nearfall. Bayley gets back in control and hits a Diving Elbow Drop. Naomi counters a Rose Plant. Naomi hits a Sunset Flip for a nearfall and transitions into a Koji Clutch. Bayley rolls up Naomi for a nearfall. They trade blows. Naomi hits a butterfly knee strike and Bayley crashes to ringside.


Tiffany Stratton attacks Bayley and Naomi forcing the DQ.

No Contest

In the ring, Stratton hits both women with a moonsault. The show goes off the air with Tiffany standing tall.