Freddie Prinze Jr. Explains Why Some WWE Stars Don't Get The Same TLC As Others

Actor and former WWE writer Freddie Prinze Jr. has suggested that Cody Rhodes is being promoted as the face of WWE because he's a homegrown talent while explaining why others don't get the same treatment. 


On a recent episode of his podcast "Wrestling with Freddie," he cited the "WWE Raw" episode after WrestleMania as evidence, highlighting Rhodes' introduction by Triple H, a video package, followed by a "smart" Cody promo. "Cody was a homegrown guy. He came up in WWE, he left, but he came up during WWE and they're always gonna take better care of their homegrown guys than they're gonna take care of the outside guys," he said.

Prinze said that LA Knight, despite being self-made, did not have a chance to become champion, and explained how not every successful superstar gets this type of attention, using Knight and AJ Styles as examples.

"I think that's why AJ Styles and LA Knight didn't get the story that all the other characters got because all the other characters were homegrown guys and those two are not and they got less attention it felt like. They rocked their match. I thought their match was awesome, but I just didn't care about their reason why," he added.


Knight has had a shot at a world title, but fell short in his match against Roman Reigns, while Styles will have an opportunity to win Rhodes' Undisputed WWE Championship next month at Backlash France.

Despite the criticism, Prinze Jr. praised the quality of WWE's programming in recent months and stated that he has enjoyed their shows. "It's felt very different for months, before WrestleMania, and hopefully will continue that way because I've really enjoyed it. They've had a couple of misses but so has AEW."

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