Video: WWE Star Trick Williams Watches Crowd Reaction To His NXT Title Win

Trick Williams attained a major milestone in his career when he captured the NXT Championship for the first time. Fans have been very supportive of him; however, it didn't seem like the champion was fully aware of just how behind him the fans are until he watched a clip from the night where he dethroned Ilja Dragunov.


"Yo, so word through the grapevine is when I won that title match last night, the whole crowd was shaking. I gotta see this for myself," Williams said. 

The NXT Champion then watched the clip and seemed to be taken aback by the crowd's reaction from their point of view. "Man, the room is shaking, isn't it? Wow. You can really feel the energy through the phone, man... Man, it feels like the ultimate acceptance of me as your crowned champion... Man, if that's not a co-sign, then I don't know what is."

While he wasn't sure at the start, watching the clip reminded him of a thought he had during the bout, where he realized how invested the audience was. "I'm not going to lie, man, during that match there's one point I was like, 'The people are all the way invested into this.' When we went through those tables? It was loud in there. Man, that NXT Orlando crowd is special, man, I love that. I love that crowd."


It remains to be seen if Williams will have a historic run as the NXT Champion. Either way, it seems like he's one of the most over babyfaces on the roster right now, which can only mean he'll be called up to the main roster sooner rather than later.