Why WWE's The Undertaker Says He Enjoyed Chasing Championships More Than Winning Them

World Championships are the premiere prize a wrestler can win, but for some, there's more fun in the chase than in capturing the title. On "Six Feet Under", The Undertaker explained that he felt like his character never really needed the title to succeed in the wrestling industry, therefore always had more of a liking to chasing the title throughout his career. 


"Obviously it's so rewarding to have the title and know that the company feels like your the guy or whatnot but for me it was always much more fun getting right there and then figuring out how they're going to just keep it out of my grasp," Undertaker explained. "My character being what it was, it just really never needed the title. Obviously I'm very proud of my title runs or my the number of times that I won the title but it was always the chase." 

The Undertaker also revealed that he knew early on within his wrestling career that the persona of "The Phenom" had an unique appeal with the fanbase but also explained when his focus changed from having the best presentation to striving to put on the best match. 


"I realized the character was such a special thing that I just knew early on that I was an attraction, like you said, I was Andre in a sense ... Especially after I did the American Badass run, which allowed me to work a little more and a little differently," Undertaker continued, "and then it was like, yeah I definitely want to have the best match on the card, which early on wasn't necessarily the most important thing to have the best match, it was the most important thing was to present that character the best way that I could because that's what people were coming to see." 

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