Why WWE HOFer Arn Anderson Isn't A Fan Of Companies Having Lots Of Titles

Modern pro wrestling often faces criticism for the amount of championships available, which many believe oversaturates the title scenes in both AEW and WWE. WWE Hall of Famer Arn Anderson agrees with this sentiment, and in a recent episode of his "ARN" podcast, the veteran explained why this is a bad thing and pointed out how once-prestigious titles have lost most of their luster, specifically the WWE Intercontinental title. 


"You know, the Intercontinental title with WWE is a huge, huge championship because the talent that have held it have made it that way, they've made it a big deal," Anderson explained. "The Enforcer" then looked back at Crockett Promotion's US Championship, and explained how the title was once used as an indicator for who the number one contender was. 

"For a period of time, that was the guy next in line to get a shot at the World Heavyweight title," Anderson said. "So, if you have just maybe three championships that really matter and on the TV."

Anderson also recalled how different television was in 1985 between WWF (now WWE) and Jim Crockett Promotion's television episodes, noting that Crockett went for a more competitive approach. 


"You got a lot of top guys against top guys," Anderson said. "With Vince, it was a platform to just – whoever was getting enhanced in that segment, that's who got enhanced in that segment."

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