Dave Meltzer Explains Why WWE Finally Cut Bait On Gable Steveson

Olympic Gold Medallist Gable Steveson was one of many performers to be released by WWE in April 2024. Steveson signed a contract with WWE in 2021 following his successful run to Olympic Gold at the Tokyo games, and was immediately positioned as a potential successor to someone like Kurt Angle. He appeared at WrestleMania 38, was officially drafted to "WWE Raw," and even had a brief run in "WWE NXT" in 2023. However, his career in WWE never reached the heights of his freestyle career.


According to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, Steveson was released by the company for a very simple reason; he wasn't that good. "His contract was a very big money contract, and he wasn't cutting it." Steveson arrived in WWE already having allegations of sexual abuse to his name, something that WWE fans were not high on, but according to Meltzer, it was Steveson's ability in the ring that cost him his spot, as the company had full knowledge of the allegations against him.

"He did have the sexual assault claim from his freshman year in college, WWE signed him with full knowledge of that and it was not an issue in amateur wrestling, wasn't an issue in college wrestling, like once he was cleared, he was good to go ... it was an issue with wrestling fans. However, it probably had to do in a great degree with him getting booed with Baron Corbin, in the one match that people saw that he had at that one 'NXT' show." Meltzer went on to say that he watched a number of his dark matches, some of which were against recently released star Cameron Grimes, and said he wasn't impressive, had no charisma, and got little to no reaction from the fans.


Please credit "Wrestling Observer Radio" when using quotes from this article, and give a H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.