WWE Star AJ Styles Names Wrestling Move He'll Never Agree To Take

WWE star AJ Styles has revealed the one wrestling move, which was the trademark of a WWE Hall of Famer, that he will always refuse to take. Speaking with "SHAK Wrestling," Styles was asked what he thought of Rikishi's "Stink Face" to which Styles replied that he would never want to be on the receiving end of the move. 


"I will never take it, I would find a way to get out of it, I don't think that I would ever, but I would hope that I never have to take that. I don't mind taking the running butt in the corner by one of the Samoans but I don't know about the Stink Face."  Rikishi himself has mentioned on "Insight" that there were plenty of wrestlers in the past who weren't thrilled about taking the "Stink Face", but admitted wrestlers like Booker T, The Rock, and Kurt Angle always took it like a champ and never complained. 

After it was explained to Styles that Rikishi would use difference types of shorts depending on his mood on any given day, with opponents having no idea if the shorts hadn't been washed in weeks or even months, Styles went on to say that he's not surprised Rikishi would do something like that. After losing to Cody Rhodes at Backlash in Lyon, France, it is uncertain whether or not Styles will get another chance at the Undisputed WWE Championship anytime soon, but he now follows a different route and enters the King of the Ring tournament that kicked off on the first "WWE Raw" following Backlash. 


If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit "SHAK Wrestling" with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.