Will Ospreay Compares Working For AEW To Wrestling In Japan

Will Ospreay recently discussed the adjustment from working in NJPW to working in AEW. Appearing on "AEW Unrestricted," Ospreay explained that there is much more to consider and prepare for when you're scheduled for an AEW match on television, and also compared wrestling to a concert, stating how the audience is your main instrument during the performance. "I mean TV-style wrestling is way different to what I was used to in New Japan. I mean with New Japan you show up to the venue, stretch out, figure out what you're going to do strategy-wise and go out there and go wrestle. I guess with the TV-style wrestling, you have so many things to take into consideration and like once again, I've always said wrestling is a little bit of like a concert right? So the audience are your main instrument and for the last, I can't even remember how long it's been but like the last three years in Japan I didn't have any instruments, like the crowd we're dead silent." 


Ospreay stressed that although it was a significant transition for him wrestling in front of an American audience, he quickly learned how much he enjoyed it, and was honored to work with so many important names within AEW so quickly after making the jump. "It was always nice and it gave me an idea of what to expect with American style wrestling and American TV wrestling. So I liked it and the fact that I got to work guys so high up on the card, like I mean I got to work with an Orange Cassidy, got to work with Jericho, got to work with Kenny, like they're the who's who of the elite really ... I relish the challenge and getting to come here now, I have more of a better understanding of what it actually takes to make it to the top here." 


Ospreay recently opened up about his Revolution match with Konosuke Takeshita, and spoke about taking a corner bump that "The Aerial Assassin" has now stated is the most painful thing he's ever suffered during a match. 

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