Cody Rhodes Discusses Never Truly Being Satisfied With His WWE Achievements

Cody Rhodes has come a long way since his run as "Stardust," but it seems like he's far from being happy with what he's achieved. During the WWE Backlash Post Show Presser, Rhodes commented on the milestones he's already achieved since returning, and admitted he might never be fully satisfied.


"When you're doing it as long as I've been doing it, we have what I call 'the fever.'" Rhodes said. "You think, 'Oh, I accomplished the Big One. I did it. I'll be happy.' It's not a matter of not being happy or being happy, it's just ... you're never full." The Undisputed WWE Champion then recalled eating at a restaurant with his wife, Brandi Rhodes, weeks before WrestleMania 40, where they had an interesting conversation after he had a few drinks. "I said 'You know, if I could just win the WWE Championship, right? If I could just hold it up in the same spot that my dad did and then they don't take it away from me, I think I'd be happy, I think I'd be full.'" He then recalled Brandi's reaction, and how she pointed out that he'll always want to one-up his victory.


Rhodes then expressed how thankful he is to France as the first place he's defended his title, and how both he and AJ Styles will forever be tied to one of the biggest arena gates in the industry. "This could have been the fairytale ending at WrestleMania and then the nightmare at Backlash, and I'm blessed. I'm in debt to France like I said, it meant everything."

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