Bully Ray Pitches Idea To Make Cody Rhodes Even More Credible As WWE Champion

Cody Rhodes' journey to WrestleMania 40 and his victory over Roman Reigns was one of the most anticipated storylines in modern wrestling, and the champion has since become the face of the promotion. According to Bully Ray on "Busted Open Radio," WWE could still do more to add to his legitimacy.


To illustrate his point, Bully mentioned how rarely Reigns defended his title across his lengthy run and called back to the days of the "Attitude Era" when the title was defended during weekly shows. "People want to see the World Heavyweight Championship defended. I would love to turn on a 'Monday Night Raw' and know that in my main event (...) I want to know that Cody Rhodes is either defending his championship this Monday Night on 'Raw' or this Friday Night on 'SmackDown.' I don't understand how that's too much to ask."

Bully then acknowledged how this isn't something done elsewhere in combat sports, as not even UFC Champions defend their titles monthly. However, because of this, he believes that weekly defenses will make Rhodes more credible than he already is. "How much more credible will it make Cody Rhodes if he said 'You know what, I know I don't have to put this championship on the line every week or every other week, but damn it, that's exactly what I'm going to do!'?" Interestingly, Rhodes has already defended his title multiple times on house shows in addition to his recent defense against AJ Styles during Backlash, so "The American Nightmare" might just hold the same opinion as Bully does.


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