WWE NXT Results 5/14 - Women's North American Title Ladder Match Qualifiers, Heritage Cup On The Line

Welcome to Wrestling Inc.'s results for "WWE NXT" on May 14, 2024, coming to you live from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida!

The first two entrants in the Ladder Match at "NXT" Battleground on June 9 to crown the inaugural Women's North American Champion will be determined tonight, as Lash Legend goes one-on-one with Ivy Nile and Sol Ruca squares off with Izzi Dame in a pair of qualifier matches. The four women, alongside Jaida Parker, Brinley Reece, Fallon Henley, Tatum Paxley, Kelani Jordan, Wren Sinclair, Thea Hail, and Michin all became eligible to compete in qualifier matches after they emerged as the top twelve in the "NXT" Women's Combine hosted by "NXT" General Manager Ava last week.


No Quarter Catch Crew's Charlie Dempsey will be putting the "NXT" Heritage Cup on the line against Tony D'Angelo of The Family. Tensions between No Quarter Catch Crew and The Family have been on the rise over the course of the past few weeks, dating back to a few weeks ago when No Quarter Catch Crew enlisted the help of The Family to take care of an issue.

As his sights on Trick Williams' "NXT" Championship, Noam Dar of Meta-Four will be colliding with Je'Von Evans. Dar hosted Williams last week on an explosive edition of "The Supernova Sessions" after the aforementioned Lash Legend had gave Williams a mysterious envelope, in which it was revealed that the envelope had contained a picture and there was some sort of shared secret between Williams and Legend.


Additionally, Wes Lee has something on his mind to share after scoring a win over Josh Briggs last week and continuing his quest to regain the North American Championship. OTM's Bronco Nima and Lucien Price will be taking on Edris Enofe and Malik Blade in tag team competition.

We are live! We see officials check on Noam Dar who is surrounded by broken set pieces and has seemingly been attacked backstage. Meta-Four rushes in to check on him, and both Jakara Jackson and Oro Mensah automatically assume Trick Williams is to blame for the attack. Lash Legend defends him.

We then head over to a video recapping the "NXT" Women's Combine last week. We head backstage to the women's locker room and see Kiana James hype up Izzi Dame for her upcoming Women's North American Championship Ladder Match Qualifier.

Vic Joseph and Booker T then greet audiences at home as Sol Ruca makes her way down to the ring. Dame follows.

Sol Ruca vs. Izzi Dame in a Women's North American Championship Ladder Match Qualifier

The bell rings and the two lock up. Dame lands a shoulder tackle on Ruca, but Ruca responds with a shoulder tackle of her own. Dame then wears down Ruca with a submission hold, but Ruca escapes and flies ff the middle rope with a modified cannonball to level Dame and send her crashing to the outside. Ruca then delivers a modified moonsault off the middle turnbuckle to Dame and gets her back in the ring, but Dame kicks out.


Ruca looks to send Dame crashing into the middle turnbuckle face first, but Dame moves out of the way and sends Ruca crashing to the outside. She then sends Ruca crashing into the announce desk and dumps her back in the ring, then follows her and hits a backbreaker. She goes for a pin, but Ruca kicks out.

Dame then cinches in a modified crossface, but Ruca escapes and looks to get Dame up on her shoulders. Dame escapes and delivers a flapjack to Ruca before she lands an elbow drop and locks in another modified crossface. Ruca once again escapes, but Dame whips her into the corner. Ruca lands a pair of shoulder tackles and a springboard back elbow, then gets Dame up on her shoulders and sends her crashing into the mat. She lands a standing moonsault and looks to fly off the top rope, but Dame moves out of the way and delivers a back body drop. She then connects with a boot and goes for a pin, but Ruca kicks out. Dame lands a shoulder on Ruca's midsection in the corner, but Ruca responds with Sol Snatcher for the win.


Winner: Sol Ruca

We then head backstage to Ava's office and see her meet with The Family. Ava questions what The Family did to and what happened to both the referee in Tyson DuPont and Tyriek Igwe's match against Myles Borne and Charlie Dempsey last week, as well as the whereabouts of Borne and Damon Kemp, but The Family gives her vague answers. Ava then fines them $20,000, and The Family pays up right away.

Back at ringside, OTM makes their way down. 

Back from the break, we see Karmen Petrovic and Natalya attack Lola Vice and Shayna Baszler as the latter duo chat with Sarah Schreiber backstage. 

Back at ringside, Edris Enofe, Malik Blade, and Brinley Reece make their way out.

OTM (w/ Jaida Parker) vs. Edris Enofe and Malik Blade (w/ Brinley Reece)

Nima and Blade begin the action. The bell rings and the two lock up. Blade delivers a boot to Nima's jaw, but Enofe tags in. Blade trips Nima, and Enofe levels him before landing a series of elbow drops on him. Nima sends Enofe crashing into the corner, then tags in Price. OTM double teams on Enofe, and Price fires off right and left hands on him in the corner.


Nima tags back in, and OTM looks to land a double suplex on Enofe. Blade provides Enofe with a helping hand, then rains down right hands on Nima as Blade does the same to Price in the opposite corner. Nima and Price look to powerbomb Enofe and Blade into one another, but Enofe and Blade both counter into hurricanranas. Enofe and Blade then dropkick Nima and Price out of the ring and fly over the top rope to level them.

Enofe gets Nima back inside the ring and runs teh ropes. Parker trips him, and Nima then levels him with a back elbow. Reece then attacks Parker, but Enofe, Blade, Nima, and Price separate the two women.

Back from the break, Parker and Reece once again begin brawling with one another. Officials run down to separate the two women. Back in the ring, Price tags in and delivers a double right hand to Enofe with Nima. Price delivers a uranage to Enofe, then delivers a running clothesline to him in the corner and locks in a variation of a crossface.


Nima tags back in and delivers a series of back elbows to Enofe in the corner, then tags Price in. blade tags in, and levels both Price and Nima. Blade delivers a crossbody to level both Price and Nima, then tags in Enofe. Blade and Enfe set up for their finisher, but Nima levels Nima and sends him crashing to the outside. Enofe sends Price to join him with a dropkick and looks to fly, but Price gets him back in the ring and levels him with a superkick. Nima then tags in and OTM delivers their finisher for their win.

Winners: OTM

We then head backstage to Noam Dar being deemed not fit for physical competition in the medical office as the rest of Meta-Four flanks him, blaming Trick Williams or Je'Von Evans for the attack. Mensah steps up to take Dar's place in his match against Evans later tonight, and Jakara Jackson asks Lash Legend why she's so sure Williams wasn't responsible for attacking Dar. Legend dodges the question and says she can't do this right now.

Back at ringside, Ivy Nile makes her way down. Legend and Jackson follow.

Lash Legend (w/ Jakara Jackson) vs. Ivy Nile in a Women's North American Championship Ladder Match Qualifier

The bell rings and Legend wastes no time. She lands a back elbow on Nile and goes for a pin, but Nile kicks out. Legend then lands a pair of shoulder blocks and whips Nile into the coroner, sending her crashing to the outside. She follows her out there and sends her crashing into the ring apron shoulder first. She then bodyslams her onto the floor and looks to sandwich her between herself and the ring steps. Nile moves out of the way and Legend collides with the ring steps. Nile then delivers a forearm to Legend off the apron and gets her back in the ring.


Nile ascends to the top and delivers a crossbody, then lands a kick on her head and follows it up with a hurricanrana. Legend then delivers a splash to Nile in the corner and rains down right hands on her, but Nile slips out of the way and lands an enzuigiri on Legend as she sits on the top rope. She connects with a bulldog to Legend off the middle rope and goes for a pin, but Nile kicks out. Nile levels Jackson on the outside, but legend takes advantage. She sends Nile crashing into the mat and follows it up with a pump kick for the win.

Winner: Lash Legend

We then head backstage to Sarah Schreiber and Je'Von Evans. Evans denies being Noam Dar's attacker before he heads down to the ring. Mensah and Jakara Jackson follow, with Lash Legend noticeably absent.


Oro Mensah (w/ Lash Legend and Jakara Jackson) vs. Je'Von Evans

The bell rings and Mensah wastes no time. He fires off strikes on Evans as Legend appears at ringside. Evans lands a dropkick on Mensah's head, but Mensah delivers a springboard moonsault to him and looks to follow it up with a vertical suplex. Evans avoids it and delivers a hurricanrana off the middle rope. He then hits a dropkick and goes for a pin, but Mensah kicks out. Evans looks to fly off the ropes, but Mensah catches him and sends him crashing to the outside.


Back from the break, Evans lands a chop on Mensah. Mensah responds with a kick to Evans' head and sends him crashing into the mat face first with a reverse spinning powerbomb, but Evans levels him from the apron and ascends to the top. Mensah joins him, but Evans lands an enzuigiri on him from the apron. He then delivers a springboard elbow from the top.

Mensah and Evans exchange strikes before Evans delivers a springboard cutter. Mensah rolls out of the ring, and Evans flies over the top to level him. He gets Mensah back in the ring, but Mensah levels him with a lariat. Jackson distracts the referee as Legend pulls out a chair from under the ring. Trick Williams appears at ringside, causing Legend to become distracted and drop the chair. Mensah then continues beating down Evans and sets up for a powerbomb, but Evans escapes and lands a roundhouse kick on Mensah. Evans levels Mensah with a superkick and follows it up with Hole In The Road for the win.


Winner: Je'Von Evans

After the match, Williams congratulates Evans in the ring. He shakes his hand, hugs him, and raises his land.

Back from the break, Wes Lee makes his way down to the ring.

We Hear From Wes Lee

Lee says the last time he was in the ring with a mic, things were quite a bit different. He says he was in one of the darkest times of his life, and he had no idea if he'd ever be back competing inside the ring. He says fans know how much "NXT" means to him, but so did his North American Championship. He says relinquishing the title made him question if his career was really over, but he missed being a professional wrestler. He says he missed it so much, he was walking two days after having surgery and was back in the gym a few weeks later.


Lee says he was focused on one goal during his recovery, and that was getting back to "NXT". He says he was supposed to miss nearly a year of competition, but here he is medically cleared six months later.

Oba Femi's music hits, and he makes his way down to the ring. He says he's not at ringside to cut Lee down, but because he's impressed with Lee and he always has been. He says his reign as North American Champion was nothing short of an accomplishment, but Lee's taking it as far as he can. He says Lee has to watch him take the North American Championship to heights he never could, and says Lee has the heart of a lion and the spirit of a warrior. He says Lee is not a warrior, then asks if Lee wants a shot at his title. Lee says he does, and Femi tells him to prove himself. Lee says Femi checks all the boxes of what a champion should look like, and says while he may not check as many boxes as he does.


Before Lee can continue, Ivar makes his way down to the ring and says everyone is excited to have Lee back including him. He says he knows what it's like to come back from a career threatening injury, and says they had the same spinal suregon. He says when he came back, he had to fight for everything he got. He says he knows Lee isn't afraid to fight for everything as well, and says they both want title shots.

Josh Briggs' music hits, and he makes his way down. Briggs says the three of them are in a pickle, and sas they're all emotional between Lee's comeback story and Ivar showing the world who he is behind the paint and the viking calls. He says it's a man's game, and says he and Femi tore the house down along with Dijak at "NXT" Stand & Deliver. He says now that his ribs are healed, he thinks he needs to run it back with Femi.

Femi says Lee, Ivar, and Briggs all have compelling arguments. Lee challenges Femi to put his North American Championship on the line in a Fatal Four-Way at Battleground, but Femi hops out of the ring and tells Lee, Ivar, and Briggs to face off in a Triple Threat Match where the winner gets to challenge him for the North American Championship at Battleground.


Back at ringside, The O.C. make their way down. Ridge Holland and Chase U follow.

The O.C. vs. Ridge Holland and Riley Osborne (w/ Chase U)

Holland and Gallows begin the action. The bell rings and the two lock up. Holland looks to level Gallows with a pair of shoulder tackles, but Gallows stays on his feet. The two then go back and forth before Osborne and Anderson tag in. Anderson wears down Osborne's arm with a submission, but Osborne connects with a dropkick on Anderson. He levels Gallows with another kick, then delivers a standing shooting star press to Anderson. Anderson delivers a spinebuster to Osborne, then fires off right hands on him and tags Gallows back in.


Gallows fires off right hands on Osborne in the corner, then lands a bodyslam on him and rains down hammer and anvil elbows. Anderson tags back in and whips Osborne into the corner, then tags in Gallows. Gallows delivers a right hand to Osborne, then tags Anderson back in. Osborne flies out of the corner to level both Gallows and Anderson, then tags in Holland. Holland runs over Anderson with a shoulder tackle, then hits a shoulder tackle and lands a double underhook suplex. He sends Anderson crashing into the mat and goes for a pin, but Gallows breaks the fall. Osborne goes after Gallows, but Gallows takes him out. Holland sets up for an Alabama Slam and Osborne looks to level Gallows with a dropkick. Gallows sends Osborne crashing into Holland, and Anderson rolls up Holland for the win.


Winners: The O.C.

Carlee Bright then makes her way down to the ring. Lola Vice and Shayna Baszler follow.

Lola Vice (w/ Shayna Baszler) vs. Carlee Bright

The bell rings and Vice lands a kick on Bright's thigh. Vice looks to land an arm drag, but Bright blocks it and levels Vice with a crossbody. She then delivers a shoulder tackle and a forearm from the apron, but Vice lands a kick on her midsection. She follows it up with a scissor kick as we see Karmen Petrovic and Natalya watch the action from backstage. They leave the television as Vice lands an uppercut and a series of knees on Bright's midsection.


Vice steps over Bright, but Bright rolls her up. Vice kicks out and looks to land a boot, but Bright moves out of the way and Vice is sent colliding with the middle rope. Vice lands a pair of clotheslines and a dropkick, then delivers a kick to Vice's head in the corner. She follows it up with a moonsault and goes for a pin, but Vice kicks out. Bright ascends to the top and looks to fly, but Vice catches her with a kick. She follows it up with a spinning back fist for the win.

Winner: Lola Vice

After the match, Vice looks to continue beating down Bright, but Karmen Petrovic and Natalay run down to the ring. They begin brawling with Vice and Baszler, and send them crashing out of the ring. Natalya then grabs a mic, and Petrovic challenges Baszler and Vice to a tag team match next week.


Back from the break, The Family makes their way down to the ring. Charlie Dempsey follows.

Charlie Dempsey (c) vs. Tony D'Angelo (w/ The Family) for the NXT Heritage Cup

The bell rings as round one begins, and the two lock up. D'Angelo grabs hold of Dempsey's ankle before he sends him crashing into the mat. He cinches in a side headlock, then executes an arm drag. Dempsey locks in a submission of his own, then delivers a pair of shoulder tackles. D'Angelo manages to roll Dempsey up to score a pinfall.


Round One: Dempsey 0-1 D'Angelo

Back from the break, D'Angelo whips Dempsey into the ropes and lands a few right hands on him. The pair land strikes on each other's midsections, and Dempsey locks in an Arm Bar on D'Angelo as round two comes to an end.

Round Two: Dempsey 0-1 D'Angelo

Dempsey whips D'Angelo into the corner as round three begins, and D'Angelo lands a right hand on him. Dempsey looks to lock in an Arm Bar, but D'Angelo blocks it and powers up to his feet. Dempsey transitions into a cross arm breaker, but D'Angelo rolls him up. Dempsey kicks out, and D'Angelo rolls him up again. Dempsey kicks out once again, and the two each take another turn pinning one another. Dempsey then sends D'Angelo crashing into the ring post shoulder first and follows it up with a German suplex for the win.


Round Three: Dempsey 1-1 D'Angelo

Round four begins, and Dempsey lands a back elbow on D'Angelo. Dempsey sends D'Angelo crashing into the mat face first, then lands a stomp on him and rains down elbows. He stomps on D'Angelo's shoulder, then stops on him. Dempsey looks to lock in another Arm Bar, but D'Angelo blocks him. Dempsey locks in a Triangle, but D'Angelo powers up to his feet He lands a powerbomb and a clothesline, then fires off a couple right hands on him and delivers a belly-to-belly suplex. He connects with a spinebuster and goes for a pin, but the referee is unable to finish the count before the clock runs out.

Round Four: Dempsey 1-1 D'Angelo

Round five kicks off, and D'Angelo lands a flying right hand on Dempsey in the corner. He then lands a German suplex as a disheveled Damon Kemp and Myles Borne run down to ringside and attack Channing "Stacks" Lorenzo and Luca Crusifino. Tony D'Angelo takes them both out, and sends Borne on top of Kemp on the outside. Dempsey tries taking advantage and rolls up D'Angelo, but D'Angelo kicks out. He then lands Fuhgeddaboudit for the win.

Round Five: Dempsey 1-2 D'Angelo

Winner (and new Heritage Cup Champion): Tony D'Angelo

We then head backstage and see Wes Lee, Josh Briggs, and Ivar all laid out with equipment surrounding them. The camera pans over to Gallus, who reveal themselves as the attackers as the show goes off the air.