Jim Ross Weighs In On The Idea Of A Physical WWE Hall Of Fame

A total of 245 inductees, including 131 wrestlers and 14 celebrities, grace the WWE Hall of Fame, but so far in history, the illustrious honor consists of just a ceremony with speeches during WrestleMania weekend and acknowledgments during the "Show of Shows" itself. The company currently does not have a physical location for its Hall of Fame, like the NFL has in Ohio to honor its inductees. One of those who metaphorically sits in the WWE Hall of Fame, current AEW commentator Jim Ross, believes there should be a physical location for fans to visit. On "Grilling JR," Ross said there were once talks of building something that only existed in former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon's mind.


"At one time, we had many meetings about ... putting it in Orlando," Ross said. "To the point I think there were even some discussions about buying some land and building something ... So I think it would be a great ... All that stuff they're buying, we see on TV, the auctions and where Lita and Mick Foley and Booker T are going around and buying memorabilia, famous memorabilia is important. I think there absolutely should be a physical Hall of Fame, if it's managed right and it's not overwhelmingly large where the overhead's going to be ridiculous, I wholeheartedly would say yes."

WWE currently houses its Performance Center and developmental brand, "WWE NXT" near Orlando. The show Ross alluded to when thinking of a physical location, "WWE's Most Wanted Treasures," is currently in its third season on A&E. Foley, Lita, and Booker have discovered things such as the iconic polka dot gear worn by Dusty Rhodes. Ric Flair said in 2020 that WWE was in the process of creating a building, but plans were reportedly delayed due to the pandemic. There are no currently public plans for a physical Hall of Fame in the works by the company.


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