AEW Collision And Rampage Results 5/18/24: Team AEW Have A Bounty On Their Heads

Welcome to Wrestling Inc.'s coverage of AEW Collision and Rampage on 5/18/24 from the Moda Center in Portland, Oregon.

We're just 8 days away from Double or Nothing. Three members of Team AEW, Bryan Danielson and FTR face The Righteous and Lance Archer. In a video posted to social media, Team AEW's opponents have been offered "Elite blood money" to harm them before Anarchy in the Arena. Ahead of her match at Double or Nothing, Serena Deeb will go one-on-one with Anna Jay. Following a sneak attack from Shane Taylor, Will Ospreay will face him one-on-one before his big pay-per-view match.


There will be three matches in an FTW Contender Series. The winner will advance to a 3-Way Eliminator match on next week's Dynamite. Bryan Keith will face Iron Savage's Boulder. Former FTW Champion, HOOK will wrestle Johnny TV. Katsuyori Shibata will take on long-time rival Rocky Romero.

The Patriarchy's Nick Wayne will face off against one of ROH's hottest talents, Jack Cartwheel. In a Battle of the C(K)assidys, Orange Cassidy goes one-on-one with Isiah Kassidy.

Following Collision, there's an all new Rampage. Shane Taylor Promotion's Lee Moriarty will face Kyle O'Reilly. Deonna Purrazzo takes on Robyn Renegade. Anthony Bowens will test his luck against Brian Cage. RUSH will also be in action.


Will Ospreay vs. Shane Taylor

We're welcomed by Tony Schiavone and Nigel McGuinness as Will Ospreay makes his way to the ring. Shane Taylor is accompanied by Anthony Ogogo.

Taylor and Ospreay were jawing at one another when Undisputed Kingdom made their way out. Ospreay is challenging Roderick Strong at Double or Nothing for the International Championship.


As soon as the bell rang, Ospreay ran across the ring to dropkick Taylor. Taylor went to the outside and dove on him. Back in the ring, Ospreay continued his assault. Taylor jumped over a charging Ospreay and then clotheslined him. He hit Ospreay with a forearm.

Matt Taven attempted to distract Taylor. Taylor chopped Ospreay's soul out of his body. Undisputed Kingdom continued distracting Taylor when Ospreay shoved him into the ringpost. Ospreay went for a DDT, but Taylor reversed. Ospreay pushed Taylor in Taven and Mike Bennett. Ospreay splashed water on Strong. Ogogo hit Ospreay in the gut.

After the break, they were exchanging blows. Ospreay used the ropes to propel into Taylor to Pele Kick him in the head. Ospreay set up for Hidden Blade, but Taylor hit him in the gut and slammed him. Taylor went for the pin, but only got two.


Taylor had Ospreay on his shoulder, but Ospreay spun around, but couldn't get out of it. Taylor powerslammed him. Ospreay did a Spanish Fly and Taven and Bennett tried to distract him. Taylor blocked an OsCutter and powerslammed him again. Ospreay escaped a package piledriver. Taylor hit with three Cheeky Nandos. Ospreay had Taylor on his shoulders and hit a Storm Driver for the win.

Taven and Bennett attacked Ospreay after the match. Ospreay with a tope con hilo.

Winner: Will Ospreay

HOOK vs. Johnny TV

HOOK vs. Johnny TV is the first of three matches in the FTW Contender series. Johnny was accompanied to the ring by Taya Valkyrie as he made his Collision debut.

Johnny did a roundhouse kick at HOOK. HOOK put him in a side headlock takedown. Johnny hit HOOK with a forearm, but HOOK took him down to the mat. They alternated pin attempts and submissions. HOOK broke free from Johnny and suplexed him. HOOK followed with a lariat and a judo throw.


HOOK did another judo throw. Johnny hit a couple forearms. HOOK got in a few of his own and Valkyrie jumped on the apron. Johnny with a springboard into an enzuiguri. He went for Starship Pain, but HOOK rolled away. HOOK locked in the REDRUM to make Johnny tap.

Winner: HOOK

As HOOK walked up the ramp, Katsuyori Shibata made his way to the ring to take on Romero. They shook hands before circling one another.

Katsuyori Shibata vs. Rocky Romero

Shibata and Romero exchanged holds with neither one gaining the advantage. Shibata stomped Romero's back and put him in a Figure Four. Romero got out and Shibata stomped on his leg and arm. Romero put Shibata in an Octopus stretch. Shibata powered out and reversed into another Figure Four. They rolled to the ropes to force a rope break.


In the corner, Shibata laid in forearms. He went for a missile dropkick, but Romero kicked him in the face. Romero hit a European uppercut followed by a DDT.

After the break, Romero kicked Shibata repeatedly. Shibata forearmed him to the mat. Shibata followed with chops into the ropes. Shibata went for a dropkick, but Romero held the rope down. Shibata put him in a sleeper over the rope. Romero pulled his arm down and pulled him over the second rope for a double stomp.

Shibata with another Figure Four, but Romero used the ropes. In the corner, Shibata nailed a missile dropkick. Shibata suplexed Romero and went for the pin. Shibata put Romero in a headlock, but Romero rolled him up twice. Romero with a heel kick and rolled him up again. Romero with an uppercut, but Shibata hit a backbreaker and a PK. Shibata put him in another Figure Four to submit.

Winner: Katsuyori Shibata

Bryan Keith vs. Boulder

As Shibata walked up the ramp, Bryan Keith made his way to ring. Iron Savage's Boulder was accompanied by Bear Bronson and Jacked Jameson.

Boulder smashed Bryan Keith as the bell was ringing. He scooped up Keith, but Keith attacked the knee. Boulder powerslammed Keith down. Jameson distracted the ref while Bear sent Keith to Titty City. Keith bit his chest. Keith ran Boulder to the opposite turnbuckle. Boulder hit a back elbow. Boulder went up top and Keith jumped up and hit an uppercut. Keith hit a DDT and pinned Boulder for the win.


Winner: Bryan Keith

Orange Cassidy vs. Isiah Kassidy

The match started with them jumping over one another and both doing arm drags. They mirrored each other again with rolls ups. Cassidy tripped Kassidy into a bow and arrow. Kassidy went for the pin. Kassidy then took a breather on the outside. As he got the apron, Cassidy hit him with a forearm and a tope suicida. Cassidy with another forearm. He kept rolling into the ring and hitting forearms. He did a running dropkick with his hands in his pockets. Cassidy ran Kassidy into the opposite barricade.


Trent Beretta made his way through the crowd. Kassidy took advantage of him being distracted and threw Cassidy into the barricade. Kassidy went for a moonsault off the barricade, but Cassidy moved. Kassidy did a backbreaker on the barricade.

Beretta sat down in the front row. Kassidy up top, but Cassidy rolled out of the way. Kassidy hit a backbreaker. Kassidy threw Cassidy into the ringpost, but he went over onto the floor.

After the break, Kassidy had Cassidy on the steps, but Cassidy did a backbody drop. Cassidy back in the ring first. Kassidy and Cassidy exchange blows. Kassidy shoved Cassidy into the corner, but Cassidy hit the Stundog Millionaire and a swinging DDT. Cassidy threw his elbow pad at Beretta. Kassidy ducked the Orange Punch. Kassidy started beating his back. Kassidy went for a rollup. Kassidy flipped him off and did a spinning heel kick.


Cassidy slammed Kassidy's face into the turnbuckles. Kassidy with a cutter over the rope. Cassidy and Kassidy exchange kicks on the apron. Cassidy went to the floor and stood up in front of Beretta. Referee Stephon Smith tried diffused the situation and Kassidy ran up and kicked Cassidy in the back.

Cassidy went for the Orange Punch, but Kassidy ducked and Cassidy almost hit the ref. Kassidy used the ref for Silly String. Kassidy went up top and hit Cassidy in the back with his head.

Cassidy hit a Beach Break out of nowhere for the win.

Winner: Orange Cassidy

After the match, Lexy Nair interviewed Beretta ringside to heavy boos. Beretta challenged Cassidy to a "straight up wrestling match" at Double or Nothing. Cassidy responded by snatching him over the barricade.

Serena Deeb vs. Anna Jay

Deeb kicked Jay in the midsection and followed with a swinging neckbreaker. Deeb tied Jay up in a Paradise Lock. Jay got in some forearms and an uppercase. Jay with a snapmare and a vertical suplex.

Jay sent Deeb to the corner, but was hit with a scissorkick and neckbreaker over the rope.


Following the break, Jay reversed out a hold. Jay used the ropes to propel herself into Deeb. She hit a forearm shot and a flatliner. Deeb took Jay down with a clothesline. In the corner, Deeb took Jay's leg out. Deeb with a headlock. Jay reversed out and kicked Deeb in the ear. Deeb focused on her leg, but Jay put her in the Queenslayer. Deeb with a Gory Special and a double underhook to faceplant Jay. Deeb put her in the Serenity Lock for the win.

Winner: Serena Deeb

As she was getting Jay to submit, Luther stole Deeb's flag. Mariah May came out to help Luther hold the flag. Toni Storm stood behind the flag and disrobed. May and Luther wrapped her up in the flag. She started to come down the ramp and ran away when Deeb came towards her.


Nick Wayne vs. Jack Cartwheel

Wayne started kicking Cartwheel in the corner as soon as the bell rang. Cartwheel performed his namesake to avoid Wayne and then he took him down with a headscissor. Wayne went to the outside, Cartwheel did a handstand and hit Wayne with his leg. Cartwheel did a cartwheel over the top rope, but Wayne moved and Cartwheel hit the ground hard.


Wayne sat over Cartwheel and punched him repeatedly in the face and then stood on his head. Wayne kicked him in the back and chopped his chest. He did Wayne's World on Cartwheel and then rolled him over. Cartwheel was on his knees when Wayne hit a housecall and pinned him.

Winner: Nick Wayne

Bryan Danielson & FTR vs. Lane Archer & The Righteous

All six men stared each other down, but Harwood and Vincent started off the match in the corner. Vincent punched Harwood in the gut and then put him in a side headlock. Vincent threw him into the other corner and gouged him in the mouth. Harwood chopped him down and a snap suplex and leg drop.


Wheeler tagged in and partially sat over the rope and Harwood shoved Vincent's face into Wheeler's boot. They double teamed Vincent before Wheeler took over. Vincent took Wheeler down and took him to the opposite corner. Dutch tagged in and took over. Wheeler got in a couple of right hands and took Dutch down. FTR did a double Russian leg sweep. Harwood with a bulldog from the top. Everyone got in the ring and started fighting and some took it outside.

After the break, Vincent had Harwood in a sleeper. Harwood back to his feet and they exchange blows. Harwood jumped down right into Vincent's boot. Vincent took him to the corner and tagged in Archer. Archer slapped him so hard, Harwood laid over the second rope. He ran into Harwood in the corner. Archer went for the Blackout, but Harwood he blinded him and bit him. Archer did a step up knee.


Vincent tagged in and he hit Harwood. Dutch tagged in and missed with an elbow drop and Danielson tagged in. Danielson chopped him into the corner to hit repeated kicks. Danielson with a running elbow. Dutch dropped to his knees and Danielson hit a bunch of kicks. Dutch shoved Danielson and Danielson held the ropes down so that Dutch fell out and Danielson hit a tope suicida.

Danielson with a shotgun dropkick from the top. Wheeler and Danielson double team The Righteous. Danielson put Dutch in an arm drag and put him in the LeBell Lock, but Archer broke it up. Archer took out Harwood. All three men attacked Danielson.

Vincent went for a pin, but Wheeler broke it up. He was tossed over the top for his trouble. Vincent and Danielson are both standing on the top turnbuckle and Wheeler is the legal man and perched atop the opposite turnbuckle. Danielson suplexed Vincent and Wheeler followed with a splash.

Dutch went to break up the pin, but splashed Vincent instead. Wheeler and Vincent exchange forearms. Dutch tumbled out of the ring and Archer hit Wheeler from behind with a big boot. Archer went for the Blackout, but Danielson hit the Busaiku Knee. Danielson with a swinging neckbreaker and Wheeler followed with a spinning tornado DDT. Vincent rolled up Wheeler for two. FTR hit the Shatter Machine for the win.


Winner: Team AEW

After the match, The Righteous and Archer dismantle FTR. Daniel Garcia made the save before finally being joined by Danielson.

Kyle O'Reilly vs. Lee Moriarty

Kyle O'Reilly kicks off Rampage against Lee Moriarty, who is accompanied by Ogogo. Daddy Magic has joined commentary.

Moriarty had to be held back before the bell. They exchange submission holds and then attempt to take the other down. O'Reilly got Moriarty to the mat first, but Moriarty reverses into a double wristlock. O'Reilly covers for two. Moriarty had O'Reilly from behind, but he turned and worked Moriarty's leg. Moriarty with body shots. O'Reilly chased him across the ring and kneed him in the midsection. He drug his opponent down and slapped Moriarty in the face.


O'Reilly and Moriarty stood forehead and forehead and exchanged blows. O'Reilly worked Moriarty's arms. Moriarty slammed KOR's face into the middle turnbuckle. Moriarty kicked KOR's arm while he was holding onto the rope.

After the break, Moriarty had KOR's arm and then moved into a headlock. O'Reilly tried to roll out, but Moriarty wouldn't let go. KOR flipped Moriarty over. He hit and kicked Moriarty a few times and took him down with a leg sweep.

KOR ran into Morarity in the corner and put him in a leg lock. Moriarty forced a rope break. O'Reilly kicked him in the back of the leg. Moriarty with a swinging heel kick. KOR hit Moriarty with a knee under the chin. Morarity snapped KOR's fingers and followed with a running straight kick and went for a pin. Moriarty put him in a Border City Stretch. KOR dropped Moriarty over his head.


They exchanged kicks and then they caught each other's legs. They both went for a kick and took each other down. They stood back-to-back. Moriarty went for a brainbuster, but O'Reilly went for a guillotine. Moriarty had wrist control, but O'Reilly reversed into a hammerlock and a body scissors. Moriarty headbutted KOR to get out, but KOR put him in a triangle chokehold. Moriarty got to his feet, but KOR kicked him. He slammed Moriarty and put him in an armbar until he tapped.

Winner: Kyle O'Reilly

RUSH vs.

RUSH made his Rampage debut against Cody Chhun. He was surprisingly without his LFI partners.

RUSH ran for Chhun and Chhun ducked, but RUSH hit him with a forearm. He hit a vicious dropkick and pinned Chhun.


After the match, RUSH dragged Chhun out to brutalize him some more. RUSH grabbed electrical cord and hit Chhun in the torso before choking him out. More refs tried to stop RUSH.

Winner: RUSH

Deonna Purrazzo vs. Robyn Renegade

Purrazzo took Renegade down immediately. Renegade put her in a wristlock. Purrazzo took Renegade down. Renegade with a Fireman's takedown. Purrazzo put her in an armbar. Purrazzo focused on her arms. Renegade jumped over Purrazzo, but couldn't take her down. Purrazzo took control of the match again.


After the break, Purrazzo punched Renegade in the stomach and kept control of her arm. Renegade fought back and took Purrazzo down. Renegade with a shotgun dropkick to the back of the head. Renegade picked up Purrazzo, but she got down and hit a pump kick. Purrazzo with a pumphandle pickup and a pumpkick. Purrazzo put her in a Fujiwara armbar for the win.

Winner: Deonna Purrazzo

After the match, Purrazzo put Renegade in the Venus de Milo. Thunder Rosa came in for the save. Purrazzo hit Rosa from behind. Purrazzo tried to leave when Rosa ran up the ramp and dragged her to the ring. Purrazzo left through the crowd while a ref held Rosa back.

Anthony Bowens vs. Brian Cage

Cage wasn't joined by Gates of Agony. Bowens was accompanied by Max Caster and Billy Gunn because Caster had to get in a dumb rap.

Bowens is taken down by Cage immediately. Both men flexed for the crowd. Bowens chopped him into the corner and Cage sent Bowens down. Bowens took Cage down and went for the pin. Cage slammed Bowens and then scissored himself.


Cage shoulder tackled Bowens in the corner before chopping him. In the opposite corner, Cage uppercut Bowens and slammed him down. Cage hit Bowens with forearms in the corner. Bowens ducked Cage and hit a dragonscrew leg lock. Bowens kicked Cage off the apron. Cage picked Bowens up off the apron and slammed him spine first into the ringpost.

After the break, Bowens kicked Cage in the face and went for a crossbody, but Cage caught him and put him in a vertical suplex. Bowens punched Cage in the face from his knees. He continued with chops and punches. He took him down with a superkick. Bowens with a Fameasser for two.

Bowens tried to pick up Cage, but Cage elbowed out and then did a sidewalk slam. Bowens was on the apron and Cage went to shoulder tackle, but Bowens moved and spiked him on the apron. On the apron, Bowens and Cage continued to battle. Cage pulled Bowens over the top rope and superplexed him. Bowens rolls through the discus lariat, but Cage hit the second. Bowens pumpkicked Cage and went for a pin, but only got two.


Bowens tried to pick up Cage, but Cage blocked it and shoved him into the ref. Cage low blowed Bowens and the ref didn't see it. Cage wins with the Drill Call.

Winner: Brian Cage